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Bernadine Level 3


  • 3/30/2023. Haven’t played the chocolate box for a while now since they changed the rewards to timed boosters. Not worth it to play. Though, I have been checking the chocolate box every now and then to see if it has been changed back to where it was previously.
  • 3/28/2023. I haven’t reached to this level yet. In fact new levels will be released tomorrow (3/29) n I will start on level 13791. So, I hope level 13838 will be fixed when I get to this point. I remember level 13417 was a bummer and I didn’t play until it got fixed which took about 4 days
  • Not for me. Too many fake players ahead of the game.
  • Contest or challenge such as this, is nothing but a bunch of crap. should come up with something different, n if they can’t do that than just do away with this kind of contest. Too many bots are playing-they not even real players. This is just a dam shame!
  • 2/23/2023. I m also having problem big time on this level. Played on my laptop n I used 4 UFOs n 20 gold bars n no luck. This level really needs to be fixed
  • Yay for all us who finally passed this level! We are now rolling
  • 1/31/2023. Well, well. Got a lucky board on my desktop this morning showing 126 frosting and 27 moves. Didn’t want the chance to use too many boosters, so I used 2 party hats and 1 UFO/Spaceship n passed it. Thanks heaven!
  • 1/31/2023 @ 9:00 am EST. For some reason I got a lucky board on my desktop. Just passed it. The board showed 126 frosting and 27 moves. So, I passed it by using 2 party hats n 1 UFO/Spaceship
  • I agree with you. I didn’t use any party hat boosters but I certainly used about 10 UFO/Spaceships and few hammers n handswitches n that was enough for me. Not going to waste any more boosters unless i feel that I am gonna beat this level. I played one time today and I think I had only 46 frosting left, but I quit the game…
  • just did and I hope someone out there on team is hearing us
  • Somebody, someone, anybody from Team—HELP. It’s not only me, but to all those who are in the same boat as I am. Is anyone going to fix this level? If so, When? Today is already Monday, Jan 30 n in just 2 days new levels will be released, n here we are still stuck on this outrageous level. Enough is enough. Let us…
  • I hope somebody, someone or anybody is reading our complaints. We do need HELP. I played a game today and I think I had about 46 frosting to clear, but I quit cause I was afraid to use my gold bars for extra moves or party hats or UFO/Spaceships and end up losing or lost the game.
  • you know what— soon new levels will be released, while we are all waiting for a revision on 13417. What a bummer. I am going to wait. I have to, cause I don’t want to waste anymore UFOs/Spaceships, a little of the lollipops and handswitches.
  • I wonder how long it’s going to take before we see a revision? So far i am stuck since 27th of Jan. Have been checking at least 3 times a day and still no revision.
  • Here my milestone for 13000 Please add banner to my profile. Thank you
  • YES. HELP HELP. Let’s go, revise this level for all of us.
  • Been stuck on this level 13417 since 27 Jan and have wasted tons of boosters. Will not do that again until it is revised!
  • 1/29/2023. I’ve started this level 2 days ago. The first day I used tons of boosters and still couldn’t pass it. Then I checked on videos and I have noticed that those players who have won is because they have more moves and less frosting that what we all true players have, 200 frosting n 21 moves. Now how the…
  • I have started this level on the 27th of Jan and still can’t pass it. I have quit for awhile until the programmer revise this level. This is outrageous to use tons of boosters and still can’t win. If you look at the videos they posted on how to beat this level, you will see that they have less frosting n more moves n that…
  • I saw this video by candy crush king. I noticed he got 5 party hats and used 3 of them. This would have given the player 2 party hats left but it didn’t minus from the 5 he started with; and that goes for the gold bars the player used a few times n it was never minus from the total. what gives with all these crooked videos?

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