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  • Hi All - I also would like to nominate/vote 4 @maf34100. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and firendly,, and is always active in the community. I can't think of anyone more deserving! 😀
  • Hi @johamilton - Chapter 287 and 288- maps. Look at all the white... oh wait, they are gold now! Yay!
  • Hi @johamilton - for the first badge. I think I did this right.
  • Of course it's weird! Remember, it's @Lemurtek the class weirdo! Now that you mention it, Tthis HAS happened before, I posted about it on this message: This may happen on other levels, but I haven't been paying attention and I kind of forgot. At any rate, since Stella doesn't want me to do the Magic/Diamond Star thing,…
  • This isn't really a glitch, it's sort of a "just for fun" bonus level. If you really wanted to, you could possibly get a score of 34 million! 😀
  • Stella is cheating on me!!? Hi @johamilton - Along with the Gold Chapter Badge, I am working on earning the diamond star badge. Here is my latest attempt. On level 5732, to earn A magic/diamond star. The first screen shows the points needed to earn the Magic or Diamond star. In this case, it is 243,000 points. The second…
  • Hi @johamilton- Well, it said I needed Gardn Uploads. I would upload my garden, but it's winter weather now, and my Garden is a bare patch of dirt. Also, using my God-Like gaming skills, I finished the Halloween Hex Deja Vu event in under 30 secs!
  • Hi @johamilton And the fun goes on.... What does this mean? I received this error when I tried to post the Halloween Hex Opening screen... It appears I mam now shanghaied into this event... Again!!! I guess there's only 13 hours left. I suppose that's how much time from the original event, after I won it.
  • Hi @johamilton - I hadn't logged out yet, in fact last night I didn't have the heart to play the game at all. I know Stella supposed to be the firendly Witch, but she's been pretty mean to me lately! Anyway, I went ahead and logged out, and logged back in. And... ARE... YOU... KIDDING... ME? Sigh! (I tried to post a…
  • Hi @johamilton - I'm glad you didnt put a time limit on this, as it see,s I'll will be lagging behind in order to complete the challenge! I have a question. I was working on my second Gold Chapter, and trying also to get the 4th Magic Stars on each level. Unfortunately, Bubble Witch has taken my White Magic/Diamond stars…
  • Hi @johamilton - Well, technically, ANY move will end the game! 🤪 But I presume you mean which move will win the game? So... (Spoiler) P.S. I am feeling a strong sense of Deja Vu here, I hope I didn't accidentally go back in time again to enter a previous contest! 😁
  • Thank you for reporting this work a round.. I thought they had fixed this issue with the Halloween Season, but as soon as that ended, the problem came back, and your solution of clicking on the info is the only way I can get it to work right. I am beginning to wonder if they can fix this, maybe it's a curse from Morgana? 😏
  • I saw this on my PC, just once though. I devoutly ignore the piggy bank, after the disappointing upgrade. d Instead of cutesy animations they need to change the whole piggy bank system, in my opinion. The idea of having to pay for you "earnings" is annoying. Anyway...
  • Hi @PrettyBubbles - yes, I do purchase items occasionally. I just didn't understand what this error meant, I did downoad Bubble Witch 3 from the Miscrosoft play store, and haven't ever seen an option for the :FULL" version. Anyway, it doesn't really matter, since I was able to complete the purchase a few days later. Just…
  • HI! Nice toi see you too! Hope had a nice Halloween😀!
  • Hope your days aren't too gloomy! We had bright and sunny weather for Halloween! 😀I enjoyed it, but I imagine the vampires weren't too happy! 🦇😁
  • Hi @johamilton -Surprisingly, I made it though this event with no major trauma! 😁
  • You have apparently not met my clones... they do a lot of things, but helping me isn't really in their wheelhouse! 😁 But I was thinking, since you brought up team challenges... on the next Team challenge. I could be a whole team with my clones! Or... EVERYONE could have a Lemurtek on their team! How scary would that be? 🤣
  • Hi @johamilton! Thanks for a great contest, an for giving me a chance to actually use my ridiculous 10 million point spell! I don’t usually get to use that Nuclear Wand for a non nefarious purpose! The badges are beautiful and the loot is much appreciated! Congratz to Team "Mummy" Wilbur: @Moh1977, @Amoonmoon, and @Nico_G…
  • hi @PrettyBubbles - One more thing I wanted to mention. So far, although I ma still having some issues with the Conjure Games, this event doesn't seem to interfere with it, I have gotten credit for the stars I have earned, so that is good! 😀

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