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Some cool tips for Farm Heroes Super Saga!

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In the world of Farm Heroes Supers Saga, the object is to match three or more items of the same type in order to collect and/or remove them from the board. The objects that you will be collecting are the cropsies (water, carrot, plum, tomato, pear or a banana),  similar to the cropsies from Farm Heroes Saga. 

Now this is where this game differs from Farm Heroes Saga. An individual cropsie can be worth more than one cropsie! If you see a cropsie with a little number on their bottom right-hand corner, this number represents how many cropsies it’s worth! If you collect three cropsies and each has a little number two at the bottom, you have actually collected six cropsies! You will want to pay attention to this as it can help you decide which matches take priority over others in the collection game modes!

The cool thing about this game is that you have the opportunity of creating super-sized cropsies. These super cropsies can be created by matching 4 crops in a square. 

 At any time, please feel free to check out the Player's Guide.

Fidgit has a few tips for you..................

Rancid is easier to beat if you remove the cans quickly.  The fruits that will become available give you extra possibilities to make good combinations! 

Remove flowers and ice first. These obstacles have to be hit several times and can be annoying because they are blocking your moves. By removing them first you make room for bigger combinations.

  A super-size cropsie gives you a 2+ bonus on the goal needed to complete the level that you are playing.

  Match 4 cropsies in a vertical or horizontal row and it will create a +1 bonus to the cropsies.

  Match 5 cropsies in a vertical or horizontal row to clear out all cropsies of the same type. This will add a +1 bonus to the cropsies next to the blast.

 Add points to neighboring cropsies by making a match with four of the same cropsies.  It will add 1 point of value to neighboring cropsies.

Rancid has some game modes tips for you……………

• Boss game mode: Make the garbage your first priority to get rid of. After a while there is not enough space left to make good combinations. Try to get rid of Rancid and then finish the level.

  Collection Mode: Try to use the super cropsies as much as possible in the collection mode. You’ll reach the objectives much faster. Go for the cropsies with the little numbers next to them.

 • Flower Mode: Try to make combinations in the playing field who hit multiple sleeping flowers in one move.

 • Hay Mode: The special goat move! Make many moves next to goat and reduce the goat counter to zero. When the counter reaches zero the goat will make a special move. He jumps to the nearest Hay spot.

 • Nut Mode: Just like the goat the squirrel also has a special counter. Make combinations next to the squirrel and the counter will reach zero. Now the squirrel is able to collect all nuts in a range of 2 spaces.

 • Wind Mode: Keep in mind the way you make your combinations. When you need to collect something on the bottom of the field, try to swipe vertically.


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