What do the goats do in the game?

I thought if you match crops on the hay and the goats were near by them it would collect them all....Now I am on level 55 and I am not sure how to get the hay that are separated from the board. also how do you "charge" them.  


  • Mainewil_PeetraMainewil_Peetra Posts: 129 Level 3

    There are two ways of getting the goat to remove hay. At Farm Heroes Super Saga level 66 you need to use the second one, explained last in this post. 

    1) The goat runs towards the match, if the match is in the same row or column as the goat. If there is hay in that row or column the hay will get removed when the goat runs over it.

    2) You charge the goat by nearby matches. When the goat is fully charged it jumps to the nearest hay and remove it. 

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