Is anyone else having a silver coin issue?

The "county fair" rewards are silver coins--but I'm not getting mine? I was supposed to get 300 just now--and I only 100 of them--I had over 100 before collecting, and only came to 200 afterwards. This has been consistently happening for every county fair event I participated in. Is there some coin cap I don't know about--or is there a bug that wont let me collect the full amount of my rewards? It's a bit frustrating, because I put all the work into leveling up my county fair plant--but never seem to get the reward for my efforts. Can we figure this out?


  • BarbPBarbP Posts: 1

    I wish I knew, I'm not getting my rewards from the County Fair either!  I had one that finished a couple of hours ago, I had a first-prize crop that should have earned me 750 coins and 15 fame points.... and nothing.  Unfortunately, it seems like there are always problems with getting the rewards one has earned in King games; I've had similar problems with Bubblegum Hill and the Fishing Tournament in Candy Crush Soda.  Can't imagine why King doesn't like giving players things for free...............

  • BrianaMBrianaM Posts: 1

    I'm having the same problem...maybe someone can resolve this. King?

  • XNYCXNYC Posts: 1

    I'm having similar problems. Every time I restart the game all my growth, trophies, and items disappear. And now the county fair keeps starting over. I can never finish as I lose all progress.

  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,075 Community Manager


    I am sorry that you have experienced an issue with the County Fair feature in Farm Heroes Super Saga. I have sent each of you a private message, so that we can check your player account. Please click on the envelope icon on the top right corner of the screen and kindly get back to me with the details in order to solve the issue.

    Kind regards,

    - Mark, Team King Care

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