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What is your favourite booster and why?

Queen_ElsaQueen_Elsa Posts: 35,724 Sweet Legend
edited February 2020 in Support

In the game of Farm Heroes Super Saga there are 3 boosters that are very helpful to the player.  They can be purchased from the store for gold bars or with coins gained from the Country Show!

The Watering Can turns any cropsie into a super-size cropsie and adds 5 points to its value!

The Gardening Glove is almost magic! Its effect can change depending on the object you use it on.

If used on a cropsie - it collects it.

If used on ice - it breaks it.

If used on a flower - it grows it one stage.

The Collection Basket will collect all cropsies of any one type. Similar to creating a match of 5 cropsies.

 Please take a moment to vote for your favorite booster and say why. Our community moderator, @QueenB, checks these messages and polls for feedback.

What is your favourite booster and why? 7 votes

The Watering Can
The Gardening Glove
SpinnifixmotherskitchenmagikSpieler1 3 votes
The Collection Basket
QueenBfirebombmarkusrichcastlekarendeye 4 votes


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