Missing bonuses after game reinstall

meggermegger Posts: 1 New Bee

I had to reinstall the game on my android phone I have logged in and was back at the level I was playing last but my 6 watering cans,7 gloves and 11 baskets have gone , is there a way to get them back?

Many thanks.

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  • ChrismL.C.ChrismL.C. Posts: 7 Level 2

    Unfortunately, even when you save your game progress, and stay logged in to your king account and/or Facebook, when you either reinstall your games, move everything to a new device, install and log in on a new device, etc., and also, sometimes when you update your device or Facebook, you can log in to your king account or Facebook to recover your game progress. (I use both accounts, & log into both accounts on all my games.) However, sadly, only your game progress & gold bars will be recovered. If you know how many booster items you had or lost, I am posting pictures of what to do and who to contact to try and get them back from the support center answers. Good luck getting them back!

    See my next post to read the advice with having to open a link, it's too big or I can't post 2 pictures in the same post

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