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TammyWongTammyWong Posts: 1 New Bee

I got many of unknown people in my farm friend list, how can I remove it? I am linking to my Facebook, but that people also are not the friend of my Facebook.


  • ChrismL.C.ChrismL.C. Posts: 7 Level 2

    These answers were in the support center. You can log into your account on a computer and delete Facebook friends from your game list, but not on mobile devices like phones and tablets. Also all the games from king, and many others also, randomly place friends in your friend list. You cannot delete them. They can't message you, or see your personal information! They are only there so you can ask them for lives, help with moves,levels, & boosters. I'm sorry you can't delete them. But I receive almost all my lives and game help from these random players, & not my Facebook friends, it's actually very helpful!!

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