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🐕️ Pet Rescue Saga Butterflies 🦋

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Pet Rescue Saga Butterflies, do you love them or hate them?

Butterflies were introduced to Pet Rescue Saga in the Sugar County episode, from Level 883 and have become a staple in the game since then.

Most of the time I enjoy butterfly levels (they are one of my favorite level types) but occasionally they drive me crazy! This post contains my observations on Butterflies within the game 🦋

To save the Pets with butterflies you need to remove enough blocks (at least 16) in the color of your butterflies to charge them up.

Once they are fully charged the glass around them breaks, releasing the butterfly.

Each time a butterfly is released it will pick up a Pet and and fly it to safety.

The butterflies strength builds up as you collect blocks of the same color as their wings.

You need to match at least 16 blocks of the correct color to fill them.

X2 blocks double the value of a block so if some are included in your group less blocks are needed.

As the butterflies are charged up their wings will open more.

You can tell when the butterflies are almost ready to burst out of the glass by the frequency of their wings beating.

If they are beating fast you are close and you'll only need a few more of color they want.

If you take too long the wings will slow and you need to use more blocks to speed them up again!

The slower you collect the blocks, the higher number of blocks will be needed to charge the butterflies.

Try to match groups of the correct color blocks that are as big as you can to save the Pets in less moves.

Or, if you can, avoid the correct color until you can make one large group of at least 16 and your Pets will be saved instantly.

When there are several Pets on the board, the butterfly saves the highest Pet that is closest to them.

In some levels you need to monitor which Pets are at the top before you release the butterfly because some Pets may have a clear path to the bottom of the board while others do not.

If you have more than one butterfly of the same color, the same blocks will fill them both up.

It can be an advantage in some levels to have several butterflies the same color, as 16 blocks will then release them all and save that number of Pets.

Some more difficult levels are only possible if you have more than one butterfly the same color especially if all Pets need to be saved by butterflies as there is no other way out.

My tactic with these Levels is to not even attempt to play unless there are the butterflies I need when the Level starts (this does require infinite lives though!)

For butterfly Levels the paint brush boosters or color pop balloon boosters can be very handy to make and collect the color you need.

If you hit a butterfly jar with a line blaster or rocket or bomb it will release the butterfly, but the butterfly will not save any Pets and is gone from your board.

Butterflies can also be stopped by getting entangled in vines or mesh.

If you have any butterfly questions please comment below. I'd also love to hear about your favorite and least favorite butterfly levels!



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