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Will anyone ever pass Level 595 of Alphabetty?

Sage_Derby Posts: 8 Level 2

One needs some very lucky letter placement to defuse any of the bombs, so that means getting 12 5 or 6 letter words in 7 tries. It cannot (IMHO) be done.



  • Alessandro_S
    Alessandro_S Posts: 314 Level 4

    I have been playing for a week now on both pc and android, in Italian.This level is impossible, as getting rid of the bottom bombs requires getting an absurdly lucky combo, which has never once turned up in probably 100 attempts now.Never mind getting then to blow up the top bombs, which is going to be, well, MORE impossible due to the fact that you need a 7-long word peaking at the top of the level - and I *think* I had once a 7-long word in "garbage time" (ie. when I already knew I couldn't complete the level in any case) over the 100-ish attempts.It's so out of the possible that it isn't even worth throwing boosters at. I'll keep playing, without even thinking of using boosters, until it ultimately gets nerfed - or I get bored and quit AlphaBetty.

  • Simon-4
    Simon-4 Posts: 1 Newbie

    This is a blatantly impossible level. To stand any chance at all, very early on you need to get a 5+ letter word in the first column, ending vertically. In the many times I've tried, I've only had letters that allow me to do this twice. Because of the layout, both times the bonus tile slipped down into the second column, rendering it useless. 

  • Lourdes_Ypunto
    Lourdes_Ypunto Posts: 3 Newbie

    I agree, this level is absurd and impossible

  • Caseymc
    Caseymc Posts: 14 Level 2

    I agree. I don't think you could even buy your way out of this one (well, maybe for a pretty penny).  In fact, I've found most of the levels in the last two updates much more difficult than previous chapters. Just because they are later in the saga, doesn't mean that they should ALL be difficult. It just takes the fun out of it. And NONE of the newest levels are even designated as a "hard" level. Maybe they aren't making enough money, and want fans to loose interest so that they can kill the game. 

  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    Agree with all comments, king are taking the fun out of playing there games and this level is stupid even by there standards. Will they fix it, probably not. Never paid a penny for a booster and will not start now, Its a free to play game and all levels should be possible to finish even with some difficulty but when you are playing a level over 100 times with no chance of completing its me they are jsut saying get your money out you pocket and fill our coffers

  • IEEEgal
    IEEEgal Posts: 54 Level 2

    What an impossible level! Maybe if I get enough free gold for about 50 more moves... Or buy a bazillion gold bars... Or wait until King decides to give us all a reprieve... We're the die-hard Alphabetty fans for sure!

  • Judi_B
    Judi_B Posts: 18 Level 2

    Love to play, but 595 is impossible as stated above. 592 was very frustrating too, but eventually possible with lucky random letter placement.  595 may drive me to get over my alphabetty addiction. Impossible is not fun.

  • Dan_Candol
    Dan_Candol Posts: 9 Level 2

    Lever 595 in French is impossible to win! Bye bye King ! Bye, bye ! Il has been a nice story 

  • Torah_Young
    Torah_Young Posts: 2 Newbie

    IMPOSSIBLE...even though they added a few more moves...

  • Kate_Key
    Kate_Key Posts: 25 Level 2

    Its a ruse to buy more gold 9 bars for 5 moves then 18 bars for the next 5 and so it goes on you would need at least 100 bars extra to win this and also there are no more chances to win gold so its goodbye from me too 

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