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Can't Unlock Next Level

KittyKatRoane Posts: 2 Newbie

I am trying to unlock Burnside Avenue (Levels 1213+), and when I click "Ask Friends" no friends show up in the list, either in "Pet Rescue Friends" or in "All."  I have a ton of friends who play PRS and nearly 900 friends total.  Why are they not showing up any longer?  I rebooted but it did not solve the problem.  Thanks.

Best Answer

  • KingsPinn
    KingsPinn Posts: 3,526 Level 2
    Answer ✓

    That's strange, you're playing on facebook right? 

    See if removing and re-adding the game works. You won't lose your levels so it's all good. Just click on the cog next to the game in he facebook menu and remove it. Then you can search and add it again. 

    Did you change any other settings lately?


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