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CarlitaAlfonsoCarlitaAlfonso Posts: 27 ✭✭
My question is, how do I collect point when I can't move along in the game? I am with a person name Kim in my team. She is moving along nicely at 33 points as of 9/27/19. I can't move along or play at all because right now I'm at #2892 in the game and just sitting, can't move along. How can I play or match Kim in this team when she is able to move along in the game and I can't. It's not fair because I will never be able to get the points that she is getting and unlock anything if I'm stuck waiting for "New Content" to open up for me. This happened also in the last time in the last unlock to get prizes. I'm sitting at zero now because there is no "New Content" for me.


  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,280 Superstar
    Hi @CarlitaAlfonso, you will get to earn some points next week when the new Episode is released.
    Your team members are not competing with you for prizes, but earn them for you!

    Each team members points are added together and when they get to the required amount all of you get free boosters (even if you have not helped earn the points!)

    You are lucky that your team members are earning them, some players get a team with no one else that plays.

  • @CarlitaAlfonso I have the same problem.
    This teamwork thing is not functional for people at the end of the game.
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