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Doondie Level 5


  • Doondie
    Novapichu changed the profile picture for Doondie.
    March 17
  • Doondie
    Thank you for joining the community in March 2023! 💐
    March 9
  • Doondie
    Doondie earned the Glorious badge.
    Welcome to the age of Glory... And to the 100 likes.
    March 3
  • Doondie
    Level 3,000 is here! Thanks for this milestone celebrating with us!
    February 28
  • Doondie
    Congratulations! You are the Candy Crusher of the Month!
    You are also chosen into the Royal Court in the Candy Crush Community.
    February 28
  • Doondie
    Doondie earned the 25 Answers badge.
    Admit it, you read WiKingPedia in your past time!
    February 19
  • Doondie
    Doondie was promoted to Level 5.

    You have reached Level 5 in the Community! The Community wouldn’t be the same without you!

    Now it's time to add your personal touch to your avatar... just send a private message to the Community Manager of your favorite game.

    And you're halfway to becoming a King Community Legend. Keep leveling up and unlocking rewards!

    Have you got what it takes?

    See you around!
    February 19
  • Doondie
    Here's to another month! Thanks for joining us in Feb 2023 💘
    February 17
  • Doondie
    Doondie earned the 25 Haha badge.
    You received 25 Haha. You're posting some fun content. Great!
    February 11
  • Doondie
    Doondie earned the Candy Level 7000 badge.
    Well done Candy Crusher! Congratulations on completing level 7000!🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 🎖
    This is an incredible milestone, so here is a badge to show the world how good you are at Candy Crush Saga!
    February 9
  • Doondie
    💗 Happy Valentine’s Day from Soda!
    February 7
  • Doondie
    Thank you for joining the Match 5 Combo Contest! 💗
    February 6
  • Doondie
    Thank you for participating in the contest. We hope you had fun!
    February 2
  • Doondie
    Doondie earned the Photogenic badge.
    Little things like changing your avatar make the Community a better place… And you look great!
    January 29

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