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  • Hi @ShoshoAli8 welcome to our community. Unfortunately, there is still no function in our app to add friends yourself. In my game, I have friends I've added through other King games (Candy Crush, Soda, and Farm Heroes). Do you play any other games besides Candy Crush Friends? Please also have a look at our ideas and vote.…
  • @teeweiping, the Mystery Chest appears almost daily. I always play until I reach the key and open the chest. Then I take a break. Go back into the game 2 hours later and play a (new) level again. For me, it almost always works that Dachs appears again and offers a mystery chest. Try this strategy and tell me if it works…
  • @Spinnifix, Dachs Delivery was in the game from Friday morning (20 January) to Sunday morning (29 January). The event is expected again this Friday to stay again until Sunday over a week later. So it's almost 9 days and I also played daily for this event. I therefore recommend checking the game daily for events and opening…
  • @Pitty_Kitty I was also working all day today. Luckily, I had some boring (virtual) meetings and played level 1000. It almost plays itself, I've never lost level 1000. And I've played level 1000 far too many times, so now I've freed a lot more squid than I should have done. For everyone: I promise that the next quest tasks…
  • Hi @Lindz1026 welcome to our community at Candy Crush Friends Saga. Olivia will be unlocked at a special event. Events with Olivia usually take place in summer. Open/play Candy Crush Friends Saga every day and pay special attention on Friday to see if a new event is announced in your game. One day you will get an event…
    in Olivia Comment by DieOmimi 4:31PM
  • Happy Birthday @zainab786. 
  • @Racoon7 the studio had to decide to remove the event from the game altogether or to run it shortened. In these tests, the studio has to find out what works conflict-free. I don't know if you remember that there were almost no events in December. Investigations at the time found that events hindered each other and many…
  • Yes, Dach's delivery service now ends every Sunday. There were conflicts last year with other events that ended at the same time. Therefore, current events in the game currently (as a test) always have different start and end times. 
  • Hi @Felix_2704 welcome to our community at Candy Crush Friends Saga. Check our House Rules We talk about our King games here and are not a dating site. I shall therefore close this discussion.
  • Hello everybody, I would like to give you a short interim result. Please let me know if I missed something. Have successfully completed the quest: @Palash_Sarma @johamilton @Xxander @maf34100 @kiara_wael @Boybinary @Princess_Jessica @La Ley @Diamond_Lim @rebelchild @BQN537 @CassD @Racoon7 @istuff @gordan10 @LeFlarcane…
  • Hi @Carrie01, welcome to our community at Candy Crush Friends Saga. I'm sorry you didn't receive the second reward for sweet streak. Normally, after passing a level, the next level for sweet streak is displayed and you will also see it on your map before the start of the next level. Please make sure you have…
  • Hi @hezil2002, welcome to our community at Candy Crush Friends Saga. Don't worry, every Wednesday there are new levels in Candy Crush Friends Saga. What task do you want to complete with new levels? Are you asking for the team event "Dachs Delivery Service"? In this event, you can complete all tasks except "new classic…
  • Hi @pottywoo, welcome to our community at Candy Crush Friends Saga. The following answer was given in another thread for Candy Crush Saga. I share it with you as it is the same problem. The King Studio has made the decision to remove the landscape mode with the last release of the game and implement a new layout. Recently,…
  • @teeweiping, my colleague has already answered you. Is everything okay with your game again or do you still need help?
  • Happy Birthday @zainab786. I hope you had a wonderful day. A round birthday is something very special! (Spoiler)

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