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  • Hey Pet Savers! 🐾 Great news! We’re making progress, and our game is getting back on track! To enjoy the latest fixes and improvements, please make sure to update your game.
  • I totally get what you're saying. Currently, we don't have such notifications in our games. However, you can rest assured that your Gold Bars are already in the game 😉
  • Hello players! We've been informed that there is a technical issue on Facebook's side. Rest assured, Facebook is working on it. In the meantime, we advise you to use your email and connect the game to a Kingdom account.
    in Lost game Comment by Snow_Rider June 12
  • Congratulations to the Wednesday winners of the Rainbow Party Team Challenge for collecting fish! 🏆🎉 @NamTruong2001 @Andres-2 @KCullen127 your well-deserved Gold Bars are on the way! Great job, and keep up the fantastic work! 🌟🐟 Want to win 30 Gold Bars next week? Keep playing and sharing your team's score!
  • Hi @Andres-2! For the current configuration, unfortunately, players are randomly assigned to teams. It can indeed be frustrating to see that your team members are not as active as you expected. You're absolutely right that this issue has already been mentioned earlier. Let me try to reinforce this feedback again and…
  • The next event will appear on June 13, so please make sure your internet connection is stable 😌 You might also be interested in knowing the event schedule: June 6 - June 11 June 13 - June 18 June 20 - June 25 June 27 - July 2 July 4 - July 9 July 11 - July 16 July 18 - July 23 July 25 - July 30 Let me know if you get the…

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