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WeaverFairy Level 2

Soo another update made a mess of the game. First all my extra lives were removed andI had about 50. Now my rainbow and fire bubbles are showing as a blank blue rectangle. No doubt customer service would say it is tough was these are saved on your device. Every update on every King game at the moment removes something. 😭😭


  • the lack of further response makes me think there is no intention to change back. If this is the case please let us know so we can uninstall the game and forget about
  • I am using a Samsung Android Tablet. Software is up to date. I do not understand why anyone would change the block design. I did not see any complaints about them before the change now every day here there seems to be a new one and the reviews are also reflecting players annoyance and difficulties with it so why not just…
  • no separation between blocks. Too bright. Also agree rounded effect tends to blur them. Cannot play at all Too painful on my
  • By the way I just looked at Playstore reviews recent ones very negative about new
  • if people did not complain about the blocks design why change it anyway? There are complaints from people using all sorts of devices. Just because not everyone complains does not mean they like it. Hopefully enough people will delete it to make the designers see sense. Why annoy players for no reason whatsoever except that…
  • the post above yours says clearly they cause issues for people with poor eyesight. I have had cataract surgery and wear reading glasses. I have tried to play with and without them and both hurt my eyes and I have none of that in any other games that I play. Nor with reading. Several people have made the same comments about…
  • you must have different graphics to the rest of us. There is no separation of the blocks. It hurts the eyes of many people. Surely discriminatory to ignore the pleas of people with poor eyesight? Each day more people objecting but still no one listening. Can only guess must be cheaper else why ignore the
  • except they won't help. Even though the new design is causing problems for people especially those with poor eyesight we have been told to live with it.
  • loads of complaints about them And people deleting the game but apparently that doesn't
  • I get the impression that every player could complain and they would still ignore it. I have tried it a couple of times but it hurts my eyes too much. Am hoping they see sense but think I will be deleting instead soon.
  • does not matter apparently no idea why some it gurus ego is more important than the
  • Apparently we have to put up with it even though it badly affects people with eyesight issues. Guess discrimination does not matter?
  • just wondered if you will confirm if you are intending to stick to the unplayable design? If you are I can just uninstall and not bother checking in here in the hope that some has seen sense. By the way while playing another game an advert for Pet Rescue appeared. The blocks were the old design we all like. Why show that…
  • why oh why have you again introduced that horrible design. You had so many complaints last time and lost players yet have done it gain. It is UNPLAYABLE. Please please give us the old design back,
  • yet again the unplayable design introduced. You know we hate it and it lost you players so when will the decent design be back please?
  • no it being here still means they cannot change it themselves and those who can are completely ignoring all the negative feedback and comments about eyesight problems.
  • how about the eyesight issue? So much negative feedback but they will imposed it anyway? You will be losing players and therefore money.
  • apparently what we think doesn't matter though
  • no sometimes changing something for the sake of it and making it worse is ridiculous. So many adverse comments and it is IT egos that matter not players or their health.
  • if they are not in the community how would you know they like it? They could just be struggling on because they think they are with it. Hurting people's eyes is surely not a good

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