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acfwheat Level 2


  • I did finally get it to fall. But it took several tries even using this method.
  • It may have worked for you but I’ve tried three times and used 15 extra lives and several hammers and it did Not work on mine.
  • Yes every week or so there is at least one level you can not pass. This week it is 7112. You have to pop 5 purple balloons but only 4 will fall. You can buy extra moves but the fifth purple balloon never comes down. This is a tech problem not a “hard level” problem. It messes up everything. You can’t move forward in…
  • Yes once again we have a level that you can’t win! Level 7112 is impossible. Only 4 balloons ever come down so you can’t complete it. The game requires 5! Here it is Christmas so who knows when it will be fixed. You have Petopia going and you can’t finish it either because you can’t go forward!
  • Yes I’m having the same problem. Mystery Mountain was gone this weekend and now hung up on 7080. No games to play since can’t get past this level until corrected. It also keeps you from getting all the prizes and pets in Winter Petopia. Just stuck!!
  • I’m with the above question of Where is Mystery Mountain???
  • None that I have seen. There are not. I’ve played this one game about 60 times today and always have 1-3 pets left but all the butterflies have opened. There is a video where someone wins but when the butterflies open the same number of pets are rescued. They do not do this in the 60 games I’ve played.
  • I have watched this and yes it is completed because when the butterflies open the same number of pets are rescued. In the real games they do NOT rescue a pet. I had 4 butterflies to open and 6 pets and it only picked up 2 of the pets. No other butterflies fall down so you can NOT win! This is not right !
  • Yes it’s doing the same thing with me! Three or four butterflies will fly but it only will pick up 1 or 2 pets. I always have 1-3 pets left after all the butterflies have flown. I’ve played it around 50 times already and used numerous paintbrushes. Another twitch in the game.
  • Yes I do have it now. I got it back last Monday. I have looked and I do have it this week.
  • 6365 is fixed! Thanks for quick response to this issue!
  • Well you might as well stay stuck there. Level 6365 has a technical glitch in it so you can’t go forward anyway. It’s ridiculous how this game is being done lately. They said it would probably be a few days before it is fixed.
  • Yes I did. Finally passed it this morning with many extra lives and many extra boosters. It was ridiculous. Now there are not enough balloons in 6365 so don’t be in a hurry to move on because you can’t. This is a tech problem we have to wait to be fixed. There’s getting to be more and more of these glitches.
  • I finally won Level 6363. I used almost 100 gold bars buying extra lives and too many boosters to count over a 2 day period. This is a ridiculous level. Many more like these and I’m going to have to find a new game. They are not fun nor enjoyable and can be expensive if you don’t have plenty of gold bars and boosters.
  • You know to pass the level you have to clear so many yellow blocks but you also have to score enough points to get passed the first of three stars. I got the yellow blocks several times but the points would not add up to move to the first star. Finally I bought extra lives 3 times and got passed it.
  • Yes I did notice that about the red!
    in 6184 Comment by acfwheat March 2023
  • I finally had to delete and reinstall the app and it helped me. I managed to pass it but had to buy extra lives. Now it looks like 6184 is going to be the same way-very hard to pass without extra boosters and lives. Thanks for replying!
  • Did you have trouble with 6173? I’ve been on it all day. The hourglasses will not fall so I can’t collect the butterflies required to win if you have anything to help me thru it please share
    in 6184 Comment by acfwheat March 2023
  • I’m playing on Ipad 10. I do not get the choice of watching an ad. I just get the choice of extra moves or the bomb boost that clears the board.

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