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  • Hello @radoherty123 😊😊😊 Both levels have been checked and have passable ratings. Many thanks for your feedback 😉😉 Wishing you a great weekend 😊🌞
    in Level 6274 Comment by encantes 6:55AM
  • Hello @radoherty123 🍏🍓🥕 The level 6283 and 6274 have been checked and both have passable ratings!! Sorry if I can't play levels but I'm stuck at level 5035. Many thanks for your feedback 😊😊
    in Level 6283 Comment by encantes 6:49AM
  • Hello and Welcome in the Farm Community 😊😊 Do you play Farm Heroes Saga? Are you a cat lover?
    in Tabby Comment by encantes 6:35AM
  • Hello and Welcome in the Farm Community 🥕🍓🍏 Sorry but here we use to speak in English, can we ask you to re-post again your comment and we are happy to help you 😉 Many thanks for your understanding 😊
  • Do you like the new automation language? 😊😉
  • Hello again @summerfaithlewis 😊 This is level 2715 Try to use the firts companion it helps for collect the Flowers You have 26 moves and the last screenshot I didn't use us boosters. The level is not too hard, first you have to collect the spiders and after the focus will be on the water droplets to match the 3 seeds!! If…
  • Hello and Welcome in the Farm Community 🍏🍓🥕 Sorry if the Farm Pass disappeared from your game, in order to help you other events have also disappeared regarding the Rose Season? The same happened in my game but today the Farm Pass is back. Could you please check Here and check all the thread pages
  • Hello @summerfaithlewis and Welcome in the Farm Community 😊 😊 Sorry if you are stuck at level 2715, let me try to play it again and I will try to give you some tips 😉 Talk you soon 😊
  • Hello @Charl55373448170 and a warm Welcome in the Farm Community 😊 😊 Could you please give more details? Do you play through Facebook or with your mobile app? 😉 😉 Many thanks
  • Hello again 😊 😊 You are starting today Tuesday 20th of February, waiting for your screenshots. Good Luck 😉
  • Hi and Welcome again in the Farm Community 🥕🍓🍏 Did you check the Contest in the Farm? You can win boosters or gold bars please check here: Farm Heroes Contests Would you like to be in our tagging list to be informed about Contest and News? I wish you a Farmtastic day 🌻 🌻
  • Many thanks for your feedback, I can't check this level actually I'm in a lower level, but I'll pass it to the Community Manager 😊😉
  • Hello and Welcome again in the Farm 🍓🥕🍏 There is another thread that you posted about level 6278, I guess you have already passed level 6274 or you need any help? 😊😉

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