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steffbia Level 2


  • My little Riddle (that's his name). Always wanted a Yorkie so we welcomed him into our home soon after painfully losing my two 14-year old daschunds. He's super cute but with A LOT of energy. He barks at EVERY sound (including imaginary sounds), will play tug for hours, loves chasing laser pointers, snorts like a piggie…
  • Our calico kittie, Dutch (short for duchess). A taken in stray. She's a little shy and LOVES chasing geckos (we're in Florida).
  • Meet Ralphie. He is the sweetest and calmest cat. He likes to bury his head when he sleeps. I named him Starla when I first found him in the street, thinking he was a girl for half a year before realizing my mistake! Even made him little dresses to wear. He must have felt so humiliated! Haha
  • Our mischievous Punky. Loves cardboard boxes, finding strange places to sleep, and is stuck wearing a shirt due to an injury he had before we found him as a stray. He scratches his scars bloody without the shirt. Rather have him wearing a shirt than getting his back paws declawed. I think it's inhumane.
  • Miss my sweet Russell more than words can describe. Every Christmas he sat by the tree because he knew his toy gifts were there and he couldn't wait. Would whine everyday. He also had an uncanny ability of knowing which were his so he would climb through the pile if he wasn't supervised. We had to hide his gifts up inside…
  • Miss my baby Riley everyday
  • My sweet babies, Russell and Riley. I think about you every
  • These are all my babies passed and present. First, my lost loves of my life, forever missed, and forever in my heart♥️, Russell and Riley-my beautiful long-haired daschunds😢💔. My new baby Yorkie, Riddle. And my three (yes, 3!) cats, Ralphie, Punky, and Dutch (short for Duchess). Dutch came after Tanner, who went missing…

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