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jbmv22 Level 2


  • jbmv22
    jbmv22 earned the Photogenic badge.
    Little things like changing your avatar make the Community a better place… And you look great!
    March 3
  • jbmv22
    jbmv22 earned the Soda Level 1000 badge.
    Here is a badge to show the World how good you are at Candy Crush Soda! Well done for reaching level 1000!
    January 31
  • jbmv22
    jbmv22 earned the 5 Comments badge.
    Looks like your training is completed. You’re now a professional diver.
    January 29
  • jbmv22
    You reached level 1000 in Pet Rescue Saga, congratulations! 🎉
    January 28
  • jbmv22
    jbmv22 earned the Pets around the World badge.
    Thank you for letting us know where in the world you are playing from, as a thanks you have received the Pets around the World badge!
    January 27
  • jbmv22
    jbmv22 earned the 2 Comments badge.
    No longer a beginner you’re getting comfortable around here.
    January 27
  • jbmv22
    jbmv22 earned the First Dive badge.
    You took your first dive and jump right into the Community by making your first comment. Well done and welcome!
    January 25

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