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lizzybethjudd Newbie

This is why I ❤️ Pet Rescue Saga and play it exclusively: it’s not flashy. It’s simplistic. Calm There are no pop-ups of “Awesome!” or “Sweet!” 👍🏼 There is not 30 seconds of bling bling bling bling sparkle bing bing flash flash flash bling ping ping ping bling bling bling bling bling bling sparkle bing bing bling flash flash flash ping ping ping bling bling at the end of every win. 🤯 NO timed levels!! I HATE those. ☠️ It can be slow and strategic or random and punchy depending on the level or even your mood. 🧐🤔🤪😎 What I dislike, but begrudgingly tolerate, in Pet Rescue Saga: when you first open the game you must first... click Play! (That makes sense!) 👍🏼THEN click: don’t add new friends THEN 🤨 click: sending lives to friends THEN 😒 click: exit out of friends THEN 😞 click: Episode Race; It’s On THEN 😟 click: Rescue Race; Game On THEN 😣 click: out of “help me find my toys” THEN 😡 click the level you want to play THEN 🥵 click Play AGAIN! 😱 THEN you can play your game. 🥳🥳🥳 Ive seen surveys asking about updating the animals and whatnot. That would be ok, but I AM BEGGING YOU, PLEASE DONT ADD ALL THE EXTRA FLASH AND MOVEMENT. Your other games are visual and auditory over stimulations and less about the game and more about distraction and I have a deep love for the simplicity of Per Rescue Saga now. Please keep this in mind for the future. 🥰


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