Lera610 Level 2


  • Oh dear, 2 months! I’m not looking forward to it… it’s seriously not funny at all, I used to play this game multiple times a day and I hardly play it anymore. What’s the point? No possible to pass the level unless they change it
  • How would I go back to the old version of this level? It’s so much easier! Why was it changed in the first place, I’ve never been so annoyed before while playing this game…
  • Hi, I’ve been on this level for a week now, find it really annoying with only 20 moves. It needs to be fixed, not a chance to pass it if you have no golden bars left and not willing to purchase them
  • I totally agree, the level is so annoying 😠, please change it! There are only 20 moves and it’s just not possible to pass it, I’ve been stuck for a week now🫥, doing my head in!
  • Thank you for all replies. I emailed the support team and they were absolutely amazing! They had to reset my account back to level 1 and then put it back on level 7746. That forced my games to synch again. And it worked! Now I’m on the same level on all my devices. Thank you again!! X

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