Ra's Third Eye- Episode 123

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What an awe-inspiring day today, Adventurers!

Episode 123 is here!
Will you be brave enough to fight for the treasure?
Will you not withdraw from any test you might encounter?
Prepare yourself, watch out and always keep my wise words in mind!

👁 Level 1883 👁

Oh those mummies! It seems they are everywhere!! 

Remember what I said, be brave!

As berserk as it sounds, you can’t unwrap the mummies right away.

The best way to reach the Streak is by combining the “down” cards as long as you can until you have to use the mummies.

Once you have removed the mummies, find the red and yellow keys. 

Also: Leave as many cards on deck as possible. They will help you to get rid of the dreaded purple vines!

👁 Level 1889 👁

If you think that it will be easy, you are mistaken, my friend!

There are hidden Fortunes in the midst of the green vines. Many blue scarabs will you receive but don’t waste them! You will need every single one of them, if you want to open the grey key Where is the key? Search on the left side and you will find it!.

👁 Level 1892 👁

These stairs will lead you to Gold! But first you must find the Blue Card!
Make your way through the Jungle, underneath you will find glorious gifts.

Don’t forget to save the best cards on board as you will need them to get all green vines.

I know you will make it as I have trust in you!
In 7 days we will meet again and I will be here with new illuminative foresight!


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