Anybody passed the level 1822?

marinajimmymarinajimmy Posts: 8 Level 2
I'm playing over a week the level 1822 and I'm getting not even close to finish it even with 1 star. Please King don't tell me to use a booster, because I wasted almost all my boosters to the previous levels. So if any of the game designers can come with a video please how to finish this level? And if is possible without using booster.


  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 1,670 Community Moderator
    Hello @marinajimmy !

    I can understand that it must be annoying!! Every level is thoroughly checked before its release, but mistakes can happen. Thanks for letting us know about level 1822- we'll check the level again and let you know if we find any error. 


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  • smurph25smurph25 Posts: 7 New Bee

    I went back and looked at 1822. I only passed with one star. I'm on 1914 at the moment. All I can tell you from years of playing this game is perseverance and patience. I try really hard NOT to use any help like jokers or boosters. Completing levels quickly isn't my goal. Keep.pluging away, you'll make it.

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