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(Finished) Oh Kingsley, you did it again - New Contest!!

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Oh my, now that we had found the missing cards...Kingsley did it again! He was playing with the deck of cards again, and 3 cards got lost. Can you spot them?

Comment where at least one of the cards are located using the spoiler feature, and we'll choose 1 winner who will receive 20 Gold Bars in their Pyramid Solitaire game. You can post all your findings in one comment, or use a comment for each card- the more comments, the more options for the Gold Bars!!

IMPORTANT: please just describe where the cards are; there's no need to post any picture; a short description ("under the bridge", "between two palm trees in the bottom right corner", etc) is enough.

This is how you use the spoiler feature:


You have time until the 10th of March. 13.00 CET to participate. Terms and conditions here. 

 May the Cards be with you!! 



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