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Ra's Third Eye: Episode 132

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I call on you - all Pyramid followers!

We are still here and nothing can prevent us from relishing our precious time. This is the moment to stay together and to not stop trusting in humanity - no matter if you are fighting mummies, vines or vicious diseases!

Let us therefore celebrate together the arrival of Episode 132 and here my wise words for you:

👁 Level 2020 👁

This is the mantra you need to follow:

From the center to the corners - from the center to the corners.

You will then collect the vital jokers and they are the key to collect this almost impossible streak.

👁 Level 2024 👁

Use your Reflect skills here!

I tell you - there is no better way in getting the purple vines laying in each corner than using the cards on top of the green vine lock. They will serve you as helping cards - you will see!

👁 Level 2028 👁

3 pillars need to be crushed to reveal the golden treasure.

Underneath the middle one is a blessing for you - use it when the time is right!

Oh and one more thing - Scarabs are your friends!

I know how brave you all are and I am proud to be here for you, every 7th day.

I will answer all of your questions.

Leave me a letter in here and I will reply!

Stay strong!

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