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Ra's Third Eye: Episode 138

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 7,514 Community Manager

My young Adventurers! I hope you are well these days!!

Another 7 days have passed and this new Episode 138 is full of surprises.

My 3rd eye will show you the holiest secrets of these ancient halls.

👁 Level 2110 👁

It might seem hard- so stop and think well before you take on this challenging level! Reflect Rune will give you more possibilities to clear out this puzzle.

👁 Level 2113 👁

Jokers are the key, my friends!

This level is tricky, but there are a lot of jokers. Dig to find them and take into account the streak to win this adventure!

👁 Level 2117 👁

It reminds me of a key, could it be the key to unlock a treasure? Be brave, Adventurers, and you'll get your reward at the end!

And this is all I can reveal today.

May these words serve you as a light in dark rooms.

Never give up and most importantly, stay safe!

Good luck and don't forget to come back to me for more help!


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