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dotty1997 Posts: 23 Level 2

What's up with the rewards prizes. It seems the further u progress in the game the worse the prizes get. In the last five or so rewards I have received the same prizes which are the card which u can see through and the card that turns the cards around and extra lives. Where has all the variety gone. Also u mostly get 1 or two stars now rather than the usual three. Also if I have 100 gold bars why do I have to pay to use them.


  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    @dotty1997 Hi Again,

    Seen a few people report the further you get into the game the rewards do not change much but would have thought these would have been a predetermined reward so guess its just as the game studio has designed it.

    As for the stars cannot help you with this maybe you can or cannot get 3 stars on the level as see this in a few king games where it seems impossible to get 3 stars

    There are two types of gold bars your actual gold bars which are yours in the game and then the piggy bank gold bars. The piggy bank is a feature that allows you to purchase gold bars at a greatly reduced rate. They are not your actual gold bars and can only be purchased

    Thank you

  • dotty1997
    dotty1997 Posts: 23 Level 2

    There does not seem to be any benefit in winning a reward round if u only get 1 star and only get a prize of extra lives. If I've used one of my previous rewards to win the next reward and only get a few extra lives, I am worse off than I was before, as lives are replenished quite often. The point is, its irritating to get the same lower grade prizes up to five times in a row. It seems the further u get in the game the less variety in prizes there are, and also less prizes when u win prize rounds.

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