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New events in the game: what would YOU prefer?

Lola_Pop Posts: 11,958 Community Manager

Dear Adventurers,

Imagine you could choose a new event to be added to your game. What would it look like?

Please choose one of the options here below, and give us as many details as possible in the comment section!

Dream big! You can tell us how you imagine the event to be, which rewards you'd like, which characters would be starring the event, whatever you can think of!

We're all ears!

👉️ If you want to give your feedback but have never played the game, don't worry! You can download and start playing Pyramid Solitaire Saga HERE!

New events in the game: what would YOU prefer? 30 votes

Competitive events
Beth_Mc_HughFaRayhagenanni_vie19rukzashfordgoonernamal_butt_01KingsDaughter14Princess_Jessicalildragunovskiadidas11zs1982Lady_Sarina[Deleted User]Reptilianjulita15 14 votes
Collaborative events
bearwithmebmkersey08hechicerillaBaby76Elviramartinez_61LeFlarcaneALIXKATERINE 7 votes
Single-player events
siti_payungNikolaos_ProdromidisEleMoooAnettTacobudcaden4_ 4 votes
Boybinaryteresawallace44DieOmimime6412Kiki_g 5 votes


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