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What Levels are in each Pyramid Episode

johamilton Posts: 21,694 Bubble Witch Moderator
edited October 23 in Discussions

Hello Adventurers🙋‍♀️

While you are looking at your episodes trying to find a particular level, you cannot see what levels are inside unless you open it up.

Well, we have made it easy for you.

If you need to go back to a lower level, we now have them listed below.

It will show you what eposides carry what levels.

****For instance ~ Episode 1 has level 1-10, Episode 2 has levels 11-20

Episodes 1 1-10, 2 11-20, 3 21-30, 4 31-40, 5 41-50, 6 51-60

Pyramid Episodes with Levels 1-3050

Pyramid Episodes with Levels 3051-6050

Pyramid Episodes with Levels 6051-7445

Hope this makes it easier for you 💕


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