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Saving lives

sfbarb Posts: 12 Level 2

My game has lost the icon for additional lives from friends. I can send lives still, but can’t receive them anymore.

Really frustrated with the whole thing..



  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 36,197 Friends Moderator

    Hi @sfbarb what platform are you playing on? I'm playing on Android mobile, version 7.1 and I have the envelope there and I have a lot of lives stored in it. 

    There are some platforms that are no longer supported. I would love to help you and find out what the problem is with you. Please tell me on which platform you are playing with which version.

    Thank you very much.

  • Shadow_SHD
    Shadow_SHD Posts: 6 Level 2


    I've the same issue. Since yesterday afternoon, all of a sudden the icon has disappeared :

    I was playing normally, and when I got back to the levels screen, I saw that the icon disappeared.

    I've many lives stored in it.

    iPhone 11 Pro up to date, I've rebooted, signed off/on and still no icon.

    What's weird is that the icon hasn't disappeared on my iPad.

    Thanks for your support.

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 36,197 Friends Moderator
    edited April 2023

    Hi @Shadow_SHD please try the following (which helped me): Start your game. See if you are automatically prompted by the game to send life. If you're not prompted, the game may not recognize your internet connection. In this case, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data several times.

    If the game asks you to send lives to others, your envelope should be back soon. In this case, open the game, send lives, play only one level (no matter if you have already played the level or play a new one, no matter if you win or lose). Then close the game completely (force close if necessary) and open it again. Repeat 4 to 5 times, then the envelope should be back. For me, even the "old" donated lives were still in it again.

    Thank you for playing Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

    cc: @johamilton

  • Shadow_SHD
    Shadow_SHD Posts: 6 Level 2

    Hi @DieOmimi,

    Did this a couple of times with no success. The envelope appeared again, after some other users sent me lives.

    At this moment I have 2 pages of lives in the envelope, and on my iPad, using the same game account, I have plenty pages of lives.

    I've noticed another issue (lasting since a long time), but maybe I should open a new thread for that : if I win a level on my iPad, on my iPhone, for the same level, I have the logo of the power I used to win it, but the level still remains as non played.

    If I win a level on my iPhone, on my iPad that level is ticked as won and I can go to the next level.

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 36,197 Friends Moderator

    @Shadow_SHD the different level progression happened to me too. I had the app on my old phone and when I bought a new one, I installed the app there too. But my old phone was almost at the end of its lifespan and it didn't sync my progress there. When I played levels on my new phone, I couldn't see it on my old phone. Sometimes when the app was updated, the progress on the old phone was back. But it kept getting stuck. Then I bought a pad and there I have no synchronization problems between the phone (the new one) and the pad. I deleted the app on the old phone and only play a few other games on this device.

    So it may well be that the iOS version 11 will soon no longer be supported.

    Have you tried updating the system version? Check out the tips:

    If you have any of them, update your Apple device by taking these steps: 

    1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
    2. Tap Automatic Updates, then turn on Download iOS Updates.
    3. Turn on Install iOS Updates. Your device will automatically update to the latest version of iOS or iPad OS. Some updates might need to be installed manually.

  • Shadow_SHD
    Shadow_SHD Posts: 6 Level 2

    Hi @DieOmimi,

    Since my last message, I saw that level synchronisation between my iPhone and my iPad is working fine now, maybe the latest game update of yesterday fixed that.

    I still have a difference of "lives stock" between my iPhone and my iPad, but afterall it isn't a big deal, since many users send me lives. I have now more than 3 pages of lives on my iPhone.

    And yes, my devices are up to date.

    Anyway I still enjoy this game since many years, I'm now at level 4938 :-)

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 36,197 Friends Moderator

    Hi @Shadow_SHD I'm glad to hear everything is fine now. In Pyramid I love this feature that all players are prompted to send lives before playing. So the envelope fills up with life very quickly. On some levels I use a lot of life and keep getting stuck. Right now at 6372.

    Thank you for being a loyal Pyramid player. ♠️♥️♦️♦️

    Do you actually want to enter contests in the community to earn some goodies? I'll tag our dear Jo so that she will notify you if something happens here in the forum again.

    I'm rarely here because I play this game but I'm actually responsible for two other forums (see caption)

    cc: @johamilton

  • lizzy1022d
    lizzy1022d Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have a slightly different issue going on, I can send lives, but if I click on the envelope the game immediately shuts down every time for the last 3 weeks. I’ve checked and software is all up to date. Anyone else have issues similar and a solution?

  • johamilton
    johamilton Posts: 23,207 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @lizzy1022d , I just checked mine and it is working correctly. Glad your software is up to date. Have you by any chance try to reboot your game. Please log out of your game, turn your phone offm wait a few seconds, then turn back on and log back in. Lets see it that takes care of it. 🤗

  • Ingrid_Albero
    Ingrid_Albero Posts: 2 Newbie
    edited May 2023

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