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I'm playing a Blue Card level but it finishes before I can collect all blue cards

XarlyXarly Posts: 2,499 Community Manager
Hi there,

The blue card levels, marked in blue colour on the game map can suddenly end mid game. This is not an issue, they are just a bit tricky.

The blue card levels usually feature both a blue card and one or several gold cards that you will need to collect.

To pass the level you will need to collect the blue card before taking the last gold card from the game board.

If you collect all gold cards with the blue card left on the table, the level will fail without any option to continue.

Hope that was clear! If not, just ask away right here in the comments.

Have a Pharaonic day!


  • CheekySpanksCheekySpanks Posts: 2 Newbie
    Woohoo! You solved my problem! Thanks.
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