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  • luvabrit67
    luvabrit67 Posts: 6 Level 2

    The royal championship won’t come up on my partners app. He’s dying to play it. Why is this?

  • stan1981
    stan1981 Posts: 3,418 Legend

    So u have it while he don’t have it ... that bad

  • Lola_Pop
    Lola_Pop Posts: 11,980 Community Manager

    Hello @luvabrit67 !

    Welcome to the Community!!

    I can imagine very well that your partner wants to play the Royal Championship! It's fun!

    This feature is quite new and it is still being tested by the Game Studio, that's why it's not available for every player and every device yet.

    Please tell your partner to always have the app up to date, and play connected to the King account or Facebook so that he can receive the Royal Championship in case he is chosen to test it. The selection is random and the groups change quite often, so I wish you both good luck and hope you can both play the challenge soon!

  • kateaindow
    kateaindow Posts: 8 Level 2
    edited April 2020

    Hi @Lola_Pop

    How often is the championship on per week?

    Thanks ☺️

  • jjac272903
    jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3

    *****PLEASE READ*****🤬😭😱

    Y'ALL! I'm as mad as the rest of you. So glad I took pictures of this crap! Look at the time on these pictures. The one at 1:13 was this morning. It was 1:13 am. Okay, yeah, maybe someone played all night and jumped almost 300 points and to get their score identical to mine, but is this a coincidence?! I think NOT! There has to be some defect in bvb the game this time around or really since KING made changes and added these boosters. Could KING have the CORONAVIRUS?! Also, I won 3 games within the last 30 minutes of play time and it DIDN'T EVEN ADD IT TO MY SCORE!!! It calculated back to 100 instead of OVER 1000. I should have had 1024 and then I still had about 10 minutes of play time and beat 3 of the 4. What the hell?! HERE ARE THE PICTURES WITH THE TIMES AT THE TOP LEFT CORNER. Please check this out and give your feedback?

  • jjac272903
    jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3

    Here are the last few pictures.

  • jjac272903
    jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3

    This was 1:13 am where I left it before playing later this morning. I woke up to identical score and towards the end of the game they never counted my points for 3 games I won! It went from 986 to 994 to 999 THEN IT ROLLED OVER TO 100 INSTEAD OF OVER 1000 AND DIDN'T COUNT 3 GAMES I WON!!! This is the pic from this morning at 1:13 am and a few other pics towards the end of the game that didnt calculate my flippin points!!! I'm so mad about this! I've been on a number 1 streak of winning for like 8 weeks. Any thoughts?

  • sideout2121
    sideout2121 Posts: 85 Level 3

    @jjac272903 I have a few times it showed me as 100 but if i scrolled down the list and back up it showed my 1000+. Just a glitch in the program but i know i received all my points for subsequent games after i went over 1000.

  • Lola_Pop
    Lola_Pop Posts: 11,980 Community Manager


    It comes twice a week: every Tuesday and every Friday 😊.

    So...get ready for the battle !! 😎

  • LadyRaffie
    LadyRaffie Posts: 3,972 Community Manager

    Hello @jjac272903 !

    As said in the other thread, I'm going to talk with the Studio about this issue. Let's see if they can fix it quick. Let me know anyway if you did what @sideout2121 suggests or/and if it is fix

    Thanks! 🤗

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