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  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    G'Day @Krishnopakkho

    How's it going cobber?

    Looking at what you wrote, I'm thinking that maybe, whilst it's okay to have your say and yes even be frustrated, it's probably more the "What you are perfect for..." part of the comment that may be not liked very much.

    If we did have members of The Studio visiting, to check things out, I'm pretty sure that a comment like that would deter from all the good work being done by lots of other Community Housemates. They too may be frustrated but they don't hit below the belt and I would really dislike it , if all the effort, time, collaboration and creativity that the Jelly Crew have put in recently, was overshadowed by a comment that could be perceived as "belittling". The above in bold is the belittling because that part is personal not job related.

    So I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the house rules and that we are a family here in Jelly and yes manners cost you nothing and show a maturity that can be forgotten in the on-line world, when there is no eyeball to eyeball contact.

    I'm trying to represent our Community and well ... can you help me to help you please :0(

  • Allouna76
    Allouna76 Posts: 190 Level 3

    Hello Sweet @channie8

    its correct that we have asked to remove the blocker timer and they did responded to us and we thank you for that but with all respect to You and the studio they did it in a very tricky way because what we really ask for is keep the option of loosing only streak and reduce the gold bars needed to keep the progress, like to spend 100 gold bars after loosing streak 7 is insane. So please let us know if you can do something and trust me if they agree on the above you will notice 100% different reaction from all players and all the nervous comments, stress and frustration will go away.

    So Im second in my registered account and first as a bot but why second!

    I was top with 768 score and the second player was like 400, that was 2am

    at 8am opening the game I found that he passed me by 200, I did not understand how but no problem, I still have 4h to play as I have the ticket of 24h, but what happen is in 4h continuously I could not win one single game and my opponent have all kind of colored lolipop coming from no where near the stripped candy or the wrapped one to win the game maximum after the second round and all arenas are the same one, the below one @NikolaosProdromidis knows the no and he mention them before so they did not changes the arena board one time so definitely I was unable to beat the first score!!

    how that happen and why? nobody knows and no one will have an answer

    Please its very important to change the arenas and create new one

  • Nell16
    Nell16 Posts: 38 Level 2

    I've just started playing today as soon as the arena opened.

    How come my opponent had a blue badge and a 3 streak?

    Shame he got disconnected...

  • NamTruong2001
    NamTruong2001 Posts: 4,078 Level 5

    Event ended. 10 gold bars.

  • Krishnopakkho
    Krishnopakkho Posts: 107 Level 2

    G'Day @channie8

    "How's it going cobber?" Ha ha!!! That was funny...Got no expression...It's shame that a cobber finds so many faults of this studio; don't know what a mature person will do...Actually there is a correction; I'm not frustrated, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious frustrated. Cause you can not believe that I just lose anther game without even playing it...Reason??..No need to mention it...Same old story...Solution of this problem is far beyond of this studio's knowledge...

    I can see  "What you are perfect for..." part of the comment; what you catch personally...No...And...Nope...Nothing is there that I've ever said that you can take personally...Everything is job related and professional...Those problem happening for long time period...And I am not the only one who is victim of this problem...Thousands of complain you can see here...When you need consecutive winning streak 7 to complete a task and you did all of 6 and at number 7 you lose all your streak without even chances to play the game or for some one else's fault and need to start over...You have no idea how much unbearable this situation is...

    You need to see all my complains about those problem in comment section...Neither you will not be able to catch my point or not even my feelings...And neither can I help me to help you to help me...

    And family don't neglect their family persons problem...And I think that I should recover some one else's loss what is done by my fault, that is also a part of manner...

    Hope you got my point...

    Finally, thanks for your reply...


  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,519 Level 5
    edited March 2021

    @Allouna76 hi!

    This is Arena 10 and it is actually one of my favs!

    At least I think that is somehow suitable to my way of playing, but ......there is a small detail:

    Arena 10 is a bit tricky and does not forgive mistakes! It gives you many ways to follow, you have to choose! I have lost many times on this Arena, but other times I had big streaks playing continously on this!! 🙂

    Well, I have a new theory about arenas: The "algorithm" keeps records of us, records on which arena we are more vulnerable, according to our way of playing! Then, on critical matches gives us arenas where it is more possible for us to loose!

    Also, on these matches, the "algorithm" blocks the powerful factors of our way of playing!

    e.g. I mostly use boosters on critical matches! What I noticed is that on these matches, I have almost not red candies, while my opponent has plenty of blue to cage me! (These are by % the most used colors, mostly red = hammer, blue = cage) 😉

  • Allouna76
    Allouna76 Posts: 190 Level 3

    Thank you @NikolaosProdromidis

    yes arena 10, so tricky but if both players know where is the tricks its done you loose!

    look what I did today I started the RC in 2 mobiles and hit play on the same time on both devices, for sure I tried 3 times and wow, the second player is myself as pot for sure on my second device

    so We (as I) started the game and I was playing with myself it was weird for sure, but I was laughing really and do not know who will win me as Eliana or my pot

    I love the arenas of the RC started today lets see the result

    where are you @channie8, we miss you here

  • 95chata
    95chata Posts: 730 Level 3

    Hi @Allouna76

    That’s a bummer....... the reply didn’t go through and I wonder why?🤔 Maybe the algorithm is also affecting us here, Lol

    That day, I replied to you because you tagged me in your comments. It got posted the first time. Then few minutes later I came back to edit it and then when I tried to post it again, it disappeared 👻

    I will try to recall what I said to you that day by reading your post again (if I can find it) ok?

  • 95chata
    95chata Posts: 730 Level 3

    Hi! @Krishnopakkho

    I think if many of us stop playing this game for a while, it will send a big message of discontent to the Studio. But unfortunately not many are willing to do that and that’s why the Studio can care less about all the issues that we complain about over here.

    RC game would be a lot of fun to play but only if the Studio fix all the craziness that the algorithm is causing to us. I feel hopeless and I don’t believe they will do anything positive for us anytime soon.

    Good luck to you 🍀

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    G'Day @Krishnopakkho

    I am sorry for your frustration. Whilst we do encourage everyone to have their opinion, we also encourage respecting the opinions of others, even if that is different to you own. Below is a link to the Jelly Community Guide and you may find this helpful

    If we did have members of The Studio visiting, to check things out, I'm pretty sure that a comment like that would deter from all the good work being done by lots of other Community Housemates. They too may be frustrated but they don't hit below the belt and I would really dislike it , if all the effort, time, collaboration and creativity that the Jelly Crew have put in recently, was overshadowed by a comment that could be perceived as "belittling".

    Whilst you may not have meant that comment to be belittling, it is okay for a fellow housemate to say that is how they felt when they read it. So let us not argue the points please and just respect one another and show kindness, which is a core value both of King and in the outside world, when communicating with one another.

    Also, the above in bold, is actually one of the main points in that response and should be reflected on for a variety of reasons that are a bit deeper than just showing respect and kindness. I do understand that when you are new, you see things differently and are only commenting on what you are newly seeing and what you think about that. Why? You may not realise that I too am relatively new to this position. However, after being part of this Community and some of the others for a while now, I have gotten to know many different people, situations, areas, issues and circumstances.

    Whatever happened previously before I arrived is valid to a degree, as that contributed to making the circumstances what they are. There are many factors involved that I have to take into consideration from game issues right through to Community issues and even contests. Whilst an avid gamer myself, I don't focus on just this one viewpoint as there is a lot to be done. I am unable to change what has taken place previously. It is a new page and a new day going forward.

    The above in bold is a reflection of that. Your fellow housemates have been feeling as you do for a long time and that atmosphere hasn't always fostered good relations either. No blame from me but this is what I have come into and where I must start from. So part of helping me to help you, is appreciating the people above and their effort to move forward into the future with a new perspective and attitude that is both constructive and positive. I respect and appreciate the dedication and willingness to explore new options and new points of view, whether successful or not. At the end of the day a Community is what it's members choose to make it. If things I do get noticed by EVERYONE and interest is perked to see whether the new kid on the block has what it takes, I certainly hope they visit us here and see something they find way more encouraging than before and want to come back or even make changes. Hopefully they will see the hidden gems in this community who are talented and reasonable, just like I do. That is inspiration in itself.

    @Allouna76 @NikolaosProdromidis @NamTruong2001 @95chata with regards the streaks. I have seen comments regarding having them removed completely and the badges? So as you guys talk about this more, I will pop in to see how it's going. We have a few CM's out of office over the next week or so, I'll be doing heaps of work but you know I'll always read what's going on and am interested in what you guys collaborate on.

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