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  • Allouna76
    Allouna76 Posts: 190 Level 3

    Hi All,

    its very weird the boards if this arena, its impossible to win 3 consecutive streaks

    @NikolaosProdromidis please let me know on how you can escape and start fresh never I knew that!

    by the way my friends @channie8 left the studio and she is a normal player, she has right to be honest, there is a lot of problem and to handle all as only a guest moderator its not fair the studio supposed to pay fortune for a kind and respected person like her

    for me the solution of the arena are below: who agree with me???

    as a player for RC from long time and I play always 24h tickets let me explain from a player view what the best solution for the RC

    1-the clock timer that @headoperations mention before- trust me always the time of the opponent is over and he can still play for 4to5 second

    2- remove the streak or simply if they want to keep it put the option of loosing only one streak if the player loose the game and if he wants to keep his progress he can spend gold bars but in logical number like 5 for the streak of 5 games and 10 for the longer streaks of 7

    3 -no boosters can be used in the first turn, they will be activated after the second player finish his turn (@NikolaosProdromidis mention that before)

    4-increase the number of candies needed to activate any kind of blocker or the strong boosters

    5- the fishnet and the cup cake are unfair for the jelly boards because for the fishnet you need 3 fishes to unlock it and same for the cup cake so all the game will finish before you get the chance to unlock them

    6- choosing the opponent is by chance and they can have different boosters so to be fair to all if the player choose a strong booster like hummer he cannot choose the stripped lolipop so in that case a little chance is given to the second player who also wants to win the game

    7-changing totally the boards and put new ones that the players are not used to them so the new player are not trapped with the old player and the old players do not directly start with the tricks they already know now

    8- Add more options for buying tickets like for 6 hours and 12 hours not only 5 or 24h

     just if the studio accept and try the above for only one week they will see the difference in the comments for the RC and even they will find out that more players are buying gold to keep their progress or to buy boosters

    any thing to add???

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,519 Level 5
    edited March 2021

    @Allouna76 , agree to everything!!

    If you want to escape amd make a new "fresh entrance", the process is simple: you just have to escape RC, before your 1st match finish!!

    I mean escape the app, slip it out of the screen!

    If your 1st match finish it is not possible to escape leaderboard!!

    But you have already spent 1 ticket. So wait 1 hour to refill and have again 5 tickets and enter again, to a new leaderboard this time! 🙂

  • shadyvenus311
    shadyvenus311 Posts: 210 Level 3
    edited April 2021

    (Edit by CM: Unsupported Language)

  • Lady_Sarina
    Lady_Sarina Posts: 5,617 Level 5

    G'Dat @Allouna76 I will PM you today :0)

    @shadyvenus311 I've instructed you to please post in English as you have started doing. Thankyou for posting it here and not on my wall. Since you have posted in quiet a few places, you will need to check those threads to makes sure you have not bookmarked them. If you have made the flag at the top of the screen or in the thread title green, you will need to unclick to remove the bookmark. Also you are not on either on of my tag lists and so I haven't notified you of this thread personally.

    I use the Bing translator, as it appears to be easier.

    as @headoperations points out that I am still the mod here. Yes so far that is accurate. Thank you to those that asked though :0)

  • Nats065
    Nats065 Posts: 2 Newbie

    i keep getting an error message “No internet connection. Try again later” I have strong internet connection, my iPad and app version are up to date. I’ve lost money, I’ve deleted and reinstalled, it’s very frustrating and there appears to be no fix to this issue coming any time soon. So I will not be entering the Royal Championships until developers advise the problem has been fixed.

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,519 Level 5
    edited March 2021

    @Nats065 It is not an internet problem related to your router/ connection/ provider etc.

    It is mostly a memory/ buffer glitch related to your device or/and your opponent's.

    The best you have to do is to clear the game's cache in your device from time to time. Just to avoid the problem's appearance!!

  • NamTruong2001
    NamTruong2001 Posts: 4,081 Level 5
    edited March 2021


    When a lollipop type is charged, consider your board clearly and guess there are enough red/cyan candies or not to recharge again. And especially, when an opponent use liquorice lock to lock special candy, it is very helpful for you to use it.

  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2

    3 lolly's and 4 blockers.....i have to compete with?!! No way i am going to win this😬

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