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No chance in the Arena



  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator

    @wiwiki, I also tried multiple times to pass the brown level, but always opponent had tons of candies falling from the sky!

    As I see, you lost having selected powerful boosters! It doesn't matter what boosters you have, if you are going to loose, you loose!

    It is not a matter of skills, but only luck...

  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2

    The game is loosing its dignity very fast.

    10.33 hrs mij competion was suddenly over. Even when i had 27 minutes left.

  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2

    A while a go, i got in contact with someone who was gathering al the evidence that RC is unfair and cheating. I have a lot of screenshots and video's that whil prove it also, but i hesitated whether i wil join this person.

    Well, now i am sure that i wil send all my evidence to this person. Hope there wil be a lawsuit against the company who created RC !!!!

    This game should be removed from the internet😡

  • Nadia1770
    Nadia1770 Posts: 830 Level 5
  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2
  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator
    edited November 2022

    @lautje72, I don't think that this approach helps you or someone else!

    I speak just as a player, not as a mod.

    And I don't want to start any debate here. It is just my opinion and I have nothing more to say. 🙂

  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    Its not an approach, its a reaction ( well considdert) to a feeling about this game for many years now.

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator
    edited November 2022

    Thanks also for sharing your opinion @lautje72!

    Something else, about the topic No chance:

    Here I am only 1 point before winning, but...

    There are powerful weapons...

    However, there is still the opinion that this way the game is more "challenging"!

    I do not agree with this....

    It could be better if both opponents were starting having the same opportunities and chances!

    P.S. it was a chest match for both! 😉

  • Trishy68
    Trishy68 Posts: 110 Level 2


    I agree with you that is so right when I started playing I won alot but now it's just like you I don't even have a chance at winning anymore! It sucks ..I feel like the reason is because we don't spend money on the game!

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator
    edited November 2022

    @Trishy68, I am sure that it is not the money! The reasons are different!

    On every match one has to win and one to loose!

    There is a very small percentage of ties that does not alter the great image!

    So, if all data were equal for all, we should expect 50/ 50 wins/ losses! However, we have some wins in a row, that means some other players may have some losses in a row.

    In the far beginning, there were plenty of newbies, who did not know all tips and tricks, so that more experienced players could have long streaks based on their skills!

    Month by month, year by year, the majority of players became experts! Everybody now knows all tricks, when to block, when to use the hammer etc.

    The game's algorithm changed, and I suppose that gives slightly a benefit to new players, at least for a while! Thats why we older players loose sometomes in very silly ways!

    I suppose that you know about satisfaction's curve!

    As time passes, people loose interest on something! Thats why the algorithm "prefers" to advance newer players, because they have enthousiasm and play more! For example, I took unlimited only once for this year, while in the beginning I was getting unlimited on every event!

    Now I cannot play so much!

    All of this is my personal opinion based on some logical thoughts! Maybe I am wrong more or less, but for me, my theory makes sense! 😉

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