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Anyone having no internet messages today? 10/4



  • LucyRoo69
    LucyRoo69 Posts: 7 Level 2

    It's happened again... after having already won, I was disconnected, although I had a perfectly good connection. Except this time, I cannot get back into the Royal Championship, because the system says I don't have an internet connection.

    If that were true, you wouldn't be seeing this post.

    I'm sure it's not the case, but due to the suspect timing of these events (ie having just won a chest match), it's hard not to feel as though this is deliberate.

    Again, I honestly don't believe that this is the case. It's more likely a product of own my disappointment. But it sure has happened a lot lately...

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator

    Well, it is not exactly as we think, when we loose because of the "no connection" problem!

    I had this multiple times in the past, less times lately! I was also angry when was loosing this way!

    Of course it is not our connection responsible for this! It is the whole connection system:

    Opponent <--> Game Servers <--> Our device

    If somewhere in this system appears a malfunction, the system crashes and connection is lost.

    A possible problem is a lot of data trying to be transferred from one side to the other!

    This can happen e.g. when we have a lot of cascades happening very fast! The amount of data trying to be transferred are over a critical limit at some point of the connection line and this causes a system crash!

    Then both opponents get the "no connection" message!


  • LucyRoo69
    LucyRoo69 Posts: 7 Level 2

    I suppose that makes sense... However, I've only experienced one side or the other getting disconnected.

    As I mentioned, I honestly don't believe that the system is out to get me. But it's easy to feel that way when things happen repeatedly that affect you adversely and are out of your control. Especially when there's no way to prepare or protect yourself from such events.

    In any case, I do appreciate the insight.

    On another note, I don't know if I should report it here or if I should just take it up with support, but on three different occasions between last night and this morning, I didn't receive the wrapped hammers (4 total)I had won in various chests. I received the other items... just not the hammers.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • joycecombs_73
    joycecombs_73 Posts: 3 Pro Player 👑

    Can't connect and can't play Royal Championship and that's my favorite part.

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator
    edited October 2022

    Hi @LucyRoo69!

    • Both sides are disconnected!
    • You are right, the system is not out to get you! Problems occur because a vs game connecting players from different places in the world is difficult by itself and various issues may appear because of local or general reasons! I experience connection problems, when someone at home watches Netflix! This means that my connection's capacity decreases significantly! Then there are more possibilities for the "No Internet" essage to appear!
    • The fact that you did not receive the wrapped hammers is very serious and I am going to report it immediatelly!

    Here are the various items that can be won in chests:

    As I understood, combinations can be different! 😉

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator
    edited October 2022

    Hi @joycecombs_73 and welcome to our Community!

    Please check again if you are able to connect! Sometimes the problem is temporary!

    As far as I know, there is not any general connection issue that affects R.C. today!

    I suppose that except Royal Championship, you play on the main map! You can share your main map's screenshot and get milestones badges!

    You can post your screenshot to the 1000, 2000 etc clubs to get your badges, according to your progress on main map!

    The screenshot may look like this:

    As my progresd is now level 2804, I can post the screenshot to clubs 1000 and 2000 to get the milestones badges! 😉

    There are also much more badges you can get and many interesting discussions in the forum!

  • LucyRoo69
    LucyRoo69 Posts: 7 Level 2

    Every day I experience a multitude of connection issues that have nothing to do with the equipment on my end. I have a strong signal on a perfectly working device.

    I do not have the resources to pay for the 24-hour unlimited play option. So the fact that King does not feel any obligation to replace tickets lost when this happens is truly disheartening. Especially when it's not uncommon for the issue to happen repeatedly, in a row. To lose 2, 3, or even 4 tickets after waiting 5 hours to play is beyond frustrating due to the lost opportunity to play, without even considering the effect on scoring or lost chest matches.

    Is it that King wants to discourage those of us who aren't able to pay to play from playing Royal Championship?

    If that's the case, why don't they just not make it available to us? Or I suppose perhaps that's what they're doing by way of disconnecting...

    I've complained so many times without any resolution that it's probably better if I uninstall and move on to something else... which makes me sad.

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @LucyRoo69!

    These connection issues may happen by various reasons! All players who have connection issues have last technology equipment and the problem is not there!

    On the other hand, King does not want to discourage players who do not want or are not able to pay from playing R.C.

    Connection problems occur because the vs game is technically difficult by itself! I explained in my previous message some reasons!

    From my own experience: I had connection issues lately suddenly, while some time ago everything was fine! Then I foound out that someone in my home was connected to Spotify to listen music and another time someone was watching Netflix! Closing them, my connection returned! However, other times I can play when someone watches Netflix!

    I have noticed that the "Netflix" related issues happened only on weekends.

    Something last: King cannot locate all lost tickets because of connection issues, to replace them, this is practically impossible!

    Anyway, I am going to report your issue.

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