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Royal Championship - What do you think?



  • Allouna76
    Allouna76 Posts: 190 Level 3


    not all the players have these lockers I do not know why, the difference is when you loose they will remove only one streak, without lockers you loose all the streaks and go back to 0 so both ways are ridiculous

    All what they need to do is remove the locker and if we loose we loose only one streak not all and changing these boards, put new one or simply make it as a totally new game where you can play and pass levels and they update it every week like other games

    For the developers

    Please try to listen to us and you will see how much money you will earn from the game

    I do not care if Im first or second or even the 50th in the game, the first player will receive 15 gold bars maximum, but he is spending hundreds, what I interested in is to finish many streaks continuously...

  • Nell16
    Nell16 Posts: 38 Level 2

    On the whole, I don't mind the changes. I like that you only lose one 'life' and don't go right back when you lose a game, although a 5 hour lockout is ridiculous. However, I am more interested in moving up the leader board anyway, which you can continue to aim for.

    I don't understand why anyone pays money to play this game. I only ever spend bars that I've won. Another thing I don't understand is, do you play people across leader boards? Because I've played people with higher badges (god knows how they earn them) and longer streaks but I don't see them on my board (and I'm usually in the top 10).

    Also, how do you know which arena you are in?

  • 95chata
    95chata Posts: 705 Level 3

    It really sucks, doesn’t it? 😖 and no one, not even the experts can help us solve this issues.

    To me, they should shut down the RC competition. Fix all the problems it has and start all over again but I wonder if that is not so convenient for them... 🤔

  • 95chata
    95chata Posts: 705 Level 3

    Same here....I don’t pay money to play RC. I am poor already and that money I could use it for gas or food. I play for fun only and like you, I just use the tickets or gold bars I win when I get a perfect streak. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • alsto40
    alsto40 Posts: 455 Level 3

    You would think when the RC is down on Mondays they could some of this. But NO. They would rather play the blame game.

  • 95chata
    95chata Posts: 705 Level 3
  • CayliesGranna
    CayliesGranna Posts: 8 Level 2

    Hey guys I hope everybody's doing okay I just thought I would share my picture from playing the Royal champions game I think I might have won something anyway had a really lot of trouble with it but I love the game it's awesome hopefully they'll get all the kinks worked out soon

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,378 Jelly Moderator

    @95chata all of them have unlimited! For the last 3-4 months it was not possible for me to come 1st as I did last year! Especially the last 2 months it is for me normality to come 5th, 6th, even 10th.

    The reason for this is that more players buy unlimited, normally the 3 winning places on many leaderboards are catched by these players! But, there is an important detail: most of these leaderboards are created during the first few hours of each event!

    I experimented for this entering into events many hours delayed, even at the second day and voilà, nobody gets unlimited!

    If you enter into event several hours delayed, you come to non so competitive leaderboards, so it is more possible to come first, to win. I did it 3 times in a row and worked! The 4th time I was in a hurry and did not waited so much, because I liked the arenas selected, so I came 2nd! 😁😎

  • jane1983
    jane1983 Posts: 1 Newbie

    Losing life and streak without even start playing. How is that possible.

    Please u must do something about this.

    No internet connection it doesnt mean u also have to take the life and streak.

  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2

    Leuk!!! Toekijken hoe mijn tegenstander alle makkelijk verkregen boosters kan gebruiken....hoe de tegenstander ineens een striped-lolley heeft.(terwijl zie hier toch echt nog 6 rode snoepjes voor nodig had.

    Leuk!!! Toekijken hoe een tegenstander ineens 2 spikkelsnoepjes heeft....kwam zo ineens te voorschijn...😳. En dan natuurlijk ook winnen

    Ik merk dat als ik weet dat de tegenstander gaat winnen, ik haar help om te winnen. Ik doe mijn zetten zo dat het voor haar veel punten oplevert. Dit spel is het nieuwe eerlijk


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