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  • The lives limit REALLY SUCKS. Awarded 1 hr of boosters, couldn't use because I was out of "lives" (although I had banked lives from friends). I've been playing for 9 yrs +, level 11,000+, and this is just ridiculous. The sad part, I really like the game and the challenge of completing levels. But I will not pay for lives…
  • I did find another game to play. And guess what King? I paid money for the starter pack of the game because I understand that even games need to make money. But the difference is a sense of fair play. What's the point of having lives "banked" but you can't use them? That's insanity to pay for lives when you already have…
  • I also want to address the comment in your explanation/note/post that the change was made to honor the "intent of" how lives were meant to be used. It's a little late to talk about how the game was "intended" to be played. We have been playing this way FOR YEARS. Also if I have 1000 friends and each friend sends me 1 life.…
  • The response doesn't address the push to get friends. Why accumulate friends if you can only accept 15-20 lives A DAY?Higher levels are tough and need more lives to figure out. Plus what is the benefit of playing this game for YEARS, developing friendships only to be on the same playing field as someone who starts today?…
  • Same here. I didn't receive my 25 gold bars for passing 25 levels by 6:00
  • Why would you only be at 50? Unreal.
  • For me, I give a ton of lives. Anytime I started a new level, I always sent lives to the top finishers for that level. But, in return, I always received more lives because I would also be a top finisher. Also why the discrepancy in inbox size? Mine is 100 (level 11061) others have 150? Why the difference? This change…
  • From scrolling thru the posts, it seems King's policy is to provide a link to "the policy." I'd like to know why some people have a limit of 150, but others have 100. I loved the challenge of the game--trying to get past a level without buying a booster. What a sad day. The day I stopped playing CC because of a stupid…
  • What's the point of having many CC friends if I can only accept 1 life a day. ONE?!!! That is ridiculous. I've been playing for 9 years and I love the game but now I think it's time to take a break
  • My inbox limit is 100. Why? I am on level 11061. Why the varying inbox limits? Seems indiscriminate. I could live with using only 100 lives per day. But to say I can't receive lives from friends? Unacceptable. I will likely stop playing after playing CC for almost a decade.
  • I've been playing for 9 years. Nine. I've seen many changes to the game but this 1 life per day from friends is RIDICULOUS. Why encourage us to add friends if we can only accept one life per day. I will miss the game, but even the best things in life have to end.
  • How do you actually play. In events (in the game) it brings you here.

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