Alienscar Level 5


  • Twenty levels each in three days! It is changes like this that make it obvious that providing feedback on this site is of no use.
  • Hi @Loli84 Please follow the steps detailed in the thread linked below to delete Samu from your game. Just click on the green View Post button to open the new thread.
  • Hello Tee, are you saying you have just got a new phone? Please read the information linked below on how to move your game from device to device.
  • Do you play through Facebook @Loli84? If you do and the player is your daughter then you should be able to remove Samu from your game yourself. If you don't play through Facebook you can still delete a player from your game through the Friendship tab of your profile.
  • Hello @Linda_Henninger the issue of the misaligned candies that is shown in your screenshot is an issue that has been going on for quite some time now. The issue has been reported many times, but I am not sure if King are doing anything about the issue. @Novapichu @QueenB can one of you please advise as to whether or not…
  • Hello Loli, are you Samu and you are trying to get your game deleted? If you aren't Samu are you trying to get someone deleted from your game that keeps winning the Weekly Contest with unfeasibly high scores, or perhaps you think someone is cheating in the All Stars. I think for King to remove a player from your game you…
  • Hello @Enby I don't think you need to do anything differently as I think there is an issue with the feature. A couple of people have said they have had the same issue as you. You can read about it in the thread linked below. Hopefully you can get more up to date information from @QueenB or @bearwithme
  • Can you share a screenshot please @MissTracie_G so that we have a better understanding of what you are referring to. If you are seeing candies shaped differently to what you are used to then they are probably part of an ongoing Event. If you are seeing candy within candy then you are probably suffering from what is…
  • It's a graphics glitch that has been complained about for quite some time now @ThinkCave. The issue has been reported many times, but for some reason King hasn't fixed it yet. When the issue has happened to me restarting the level usually cleared the problem. If that didn't work then restarting the game helped.
  • Hello @MeredithCummings if that is what @karenkersey is asking about then I would hazard a guess that it is just an extension of a glitch that has been going on since last year. It normally resolves itself on the next level that you play.
  • Hello dgkkallen you are suffering from an issue that has been going on since last year. We have been told that the issue has been solved for PC users, but unfortunately the issue affected users of devices other than PCs. The issue in my experience was only ever temporary and always resolved itself either the next time I…
    in Glitch Comment by Alienscar March 29
  • Hello Karen, are you talking about Crystal Candy that you can see in the picture below?

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