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Points now give AMAZING rewards! Don't miss this!

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Dear Community,

We have a very exciting announcement to make!

Because of how amazing you all have been, we realized that you are all reaching insane amounts of points and want to reward you for it! :hurrah:

Please welcome...

The Points Milestones

  • 5.000 Points -  50 Gold Bars in your game of choice!
  • 10.000 Points  -  100 Gold Bars + 100 Boosters in your game of choice!
  • 25.000 Points -   250 Gold Bars + 100 Boosters in your game of choice + Special Signature drew by @Crazy Cat Lad + Exclusive Rank Badge
  • 50.000 Points -  500 Gold Bars + 100 Boosters in your game of choice  + Special Signature drew by @Crazy Cat Lad + Exclusive Rank Badge + a Drawing of yourself done by Candy Crush Artists

How do I obtain these rewards?

All you have to do is comment below once you have reached those milestones and we will make sure you are rewarded the way a legend like you deserves!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below! And on how to get points, remember to check the Guide here. 

The Community Team


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