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(FINISHED) What’s your player personality? Take the test for a chance to win 20 Gold Bars!



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 11,816 Level 2
    Acv said:
    I have a question about questions 4 I am at 1761 this is not a choice how do I answer it

    Question 4 reads: What is your highest level (in your favourite game)? Be honest!

    A. Lower than 500      B. Between 500 and 1500    C. More than 1500

    You are on Level 1761, therefore you should answer C (more than 1500).

  • Prinnie72
    Prinnie72 Posts: 6 Pro Player 👑
    I'm a "C". Gooooooo Yeti!!!
  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 16,004 Soda Moderator
    Thank you @Lim for tagging.

    I am Yeti (no surprise to me 😏) 
    But I’m also like Stella 🤗
  • BQN537
    BQN537 Posts: 25,218 Pro Player 👑
    Thanks  for tagging me @Lim can’t get enough of these games always playing  so YETI it is 👍🐨🏖😄
  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 6,019 Level 5
    @Lim thank you for tagging me.
    I am Stella!

    Image result for Stella gifs

  • ArmyArms
    ArmyArms Posts: 44 Level 2
    Lim said:
    That was another amazing contest! @Community_Team 👍

    I will tagging active players to join this contest :
    @sam_123, @ZoricaPanda, @SarLou, @JulesAg, @TrishaRobbeCandy, @firebombmarkus, @frenioz00, @Spinnifix, @Mmmkingfan, @MataiceAlison, @AShadow, @Sofia1992, @Julie_Andrews, @Mahiveche, @Elsa, @Imabearnut, @destiny3, @JoJo333, @ivy2020, @FaRayha, @Mim_, @TheRevenger, @the_revenger, @siti_payung, @Sukanta_Biswas, @BeckyBubblegum, @Deryck, @christine88, @encantes, @caambuj, @DeepshikhaSharan, @Sharon_Loose, @LauraLMason, @Yosca, @piaandersson, @Acv, @Mangai, @Simon888, @Swimming @Fakhri, @Scooterpie, @wozziewoo, @Sammyjo, @sakura, @SagaR, @DoubleB423, @RobinCorte, @samm_kml, @foxyfox, @Betts, @Mattia_, @Glenn1972, @stramonium, @caambuj, @Lucas_Yan_Maia, @SabrinaM, @Foley1362, @johamilton, @mysticalmysty, @Sukanta_Biswas, @kiara_wael, @Werner_Cichy, @Nat09, @SeraphicStar, @bearwithme, @kaiser1618, @Rancid, @paul5473, @abe_coffee, @Crimson_Dawn, @LizzyLemondrop, @wafercookieflippers, @mercerik, @Chicken_Slayer, @MiaChristine, @candycrushinit, @flew66, @BQN537, @Special_K369, @gr33n3y3z, @PummyRaj, @STOKEDER, @slidey and @Satnam 👋

    What's your player personality from these 7 questions here? 🤔

    Have a nice day and Good luck! 👍
    Tag me
  • ArmyArms
    ArmyArms Posts: 44 Level 2
    1. B
    2. C
    3. C
    4. C
    5. B
    6. C
    7. B

    From the results, I'm YETIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII =)
  • firebombmarkus
    firebombmarkus Posts: 13,110 Sweet Legend
    Thanks for tagging me 😊 @Lim I am Yeti 🤗

  • gr33n3y3z
    gr33n3y3z Posts: 9,493 Level 5
    edited January 2020
    Tagging @ArmyArms, you are welcome to play any contest in this community! Have fun  oh by the way no need for a tag you can still play and join in, everyone is welcome! 
  • mysticalmysty
    mysticalmysty Posts: 30,400 Crushing Legend
    According to the quiz I’m 100% Yeti although I always think I’m more like  Misty 🤔 
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