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(FINISHED) 🦸‍♀️ Queens of the Kingdom: Tell us which woman inspires you and win Gold Bars!



  • BQN537
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    The woman that inspired me the most was Evonne Goolagong Cawley

    Growing up I loved playing all sports and I would watch Evonne with such great awe an amazing tennis player and beautiful woman.

    Thanks for the tag @Lim

  • Julie_Andrews
    Julie_Andrews Posts: 378 Pro Player 👑

    Thank you for tagging me Lim.

    I would have to say my mother because she is 81 and is taking care of (with a bit of help) my 83 year old dad who has cancer and dementia. But also my 30 year old daughter who is a brave young independent woman that strives to be successful in whatever she puts her mind to.

  • Byrd59
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    "Which woman inspires you"?:

    No doubt 110% my very first grandchild of (18). Above: Hayliegh Breanna Evette (Haybyrd 🐦).

    There are so many reasons why (now) a 17 year old is my WORLD...MY LIFE...MY BREATH...MY SOUL...MY INSPIRATION 💜

    2011 after 30+ years of marriage *My Haybyrd then 8 yrs old was MY ROCK MY SAVIOR: I lost my husband her PaPa off Life Support. I was a wreck, confused 😕 sad 😢 just numb. That was in June and she was present when her PaPa coded and when I removed him from life support. After his funeral and months, days, hours, minutes and seconds went by as I just went thru the motions in life. This beautiful and loving child brought me back to reality back to my children and other grandchildren. She stayed by my side everyday until she went back to elementary school in August. One night as I layed in my bed (like a zombie) she looked at me with her little face and beautiful blue eyes with such sincerity and asked me...Gamma are you gonna leave too just like PaPa and go to heaven? I looked in her eyes paralyzed...she smiled bk at me...tears filling my eyes I then realized OMG what am I doing? I took a deep breath and told her...Baby your Gamma isn't going anywhere for a long time...I have to see u go to ur 1st dance tell me about ur 1st boyfriend ur first kiss ur graduation and college...but more and most importantly..MY 1ST GREAT GRANDBABY LOL...uhhh I said not anytime soon not till your 30's...she let out the most loving and warm feeling little laugh and said Gamma NOOOOOO BOYFRIENDS OR A BABY FOR A LONG LONG TIME, so that means Gamma you will be over 100 years old lol...Now *2018 7 yrs later she gives birth at 26 weeks my beautiful and loving Great Grandson Malik (Lil Mister) came into the world at 2.7 lbs. with no heartbeat no life for 6 minutes, spent 90 days in the NICU 1 hour away from her...Once again we were together everyday, minute and seconds. From that little 8 yr old to now a Very Mature Beautiful, Loving 17 yr old who now lives with me along with Lil Mister 19 mons old 25lbs 33 in tall has shown me that no matter what age or situation you find yourself long as you have LOVE AND FAITH and someone that loves you, you are able and will continue to THRIVE AND SURVIVE!!! At 17 yrs old and me now at 60 yrs old...let me JUST SAY...I AM STILL LEARNING SOMETHING NEW EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY...and I thank god for her love 💘 her strength and for god allowing me to be her Grandmother 💘 💘..she graduates with honors in May 2020 (has a part time job) and entering college to be a Neo-Natal Nurse. I know this is long to ALL....BUT TO ME...THIS DOESN'T EVEN TOUCH ALL THAT HAYLIEGH IS AND DOES THAT MAKES HER INSPIRE ME!!! Yes a teenager/mother/and a very beautiful young lady 💘 and one day "AN AWESOME AND NATUREUNG NEO-NATAL NURSE TO ALL THOSE LOVING MIRACLE BABIES 💘👼👶👶👶👼🙏💘

    Ty @Lim and all for allowing me to express my feelings and emotions 👭



    RANA9KHRISAT993 Posts: 6 Level 2
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  • Diamond_Lim
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    Hello! @RANA9KHRISAT993 👋

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Sorry for your reply because we can only use English on this contest. 😔

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    You tell us which woman inspires you is the most (This contest is ended on 31st March 2020 and given 5 lucky players only win 20 gold bars on any one of King's Game) 😊

    ♀️ Happy International Women's Day! ♀️

  • Virginia1234
    Virginia1234 Posts: 2 Newbie

    My sister. She has always been there for me and now is dealing with her husband having dementia in his 60’s.

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  • angiefender576
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    I must say there are many woman who inspire me, some still living and some resting in peace somewhere in the afterlife. There is famous people like Taylor Swift for voicing her political opinions to be true to her fans, then there would be J-LO and Shakira for that awesome controversial SuperBowl performance, which I see nothing controversial about honoring your heritage. Also, there is Mother Teresa and Helen Keller who well were survivors in spite of living in the absence of technology, still believing and having faith, people are essentially good. I have a whole big list that goes on and on... Women RULE !!! To all the men that is not even a distraction from you or your gender, but girls, WOMEN gotta stick together to overcome the stereotypes that came way before us. Did anyone even realize, all the leaders in the insect world are FEMALE. To me that says something, we know what we are doing, and if people would just listen, we may help keep things together in this world.

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  • misticantu
    misticantu Posts: 34 Level 2

    Ellen Degeneras is my Favorite. She helped open the door for the lgbt community. She is halarious. Also smart and so generous. I love her charity work.

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