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CC Saga Items

firefox111 Posts: 130 Level 3

Hi. CC Saga is getting harder and harder. The ability to get items from previous levels by finishing ‘C’ levels has been taken away by King. The Build-a-Bot can only be replenished on new levels. It’s not fun anymore. My wife and I may abandon CC Saga totally and look for other fun games.


  • kiara_wael
    kiara_wael Posts: 132,064 Candy Moderator

    Hi @firefox111 . Welcome to our Community 🙎‍♀️

    Sorry for the inconvenience in the game

    Some features have been removed from the game and some changes have been made to improve the game.So if something is missing in the game, stay tuned since it means that a new features will soon come up!

    You will find more information HERE.

  • firefox111
    firefox111 Posts: 130 Level 3

    Yes I notice that a Chocolate Box has been added to the game BUT in my case I have to wait for a day (sometimes 27 hours???) to finish the last puzzle of the chocolate box before I finally get the treats! Why?//

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