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Dear Community!!

Do you want to meet one of the Kingsters behind the magic in our Game of the Month

May I present @eloyKING , Agile Test Lead at King!!

Hi everyone,

I’m Eloy, and I’ve been working at King for the last 6 years. I’ve worked in different games, like Scrubby Dubby, Pepper Panic, Pyramid Solitaire Saga, Diamond Diaries Saga, Bubble Witch Saga 2, Farm Heroes Super Saga and... Diamond Digger Saga! 

My role is Agile Test Lead, that means I coordinate anything related to the quality of the game. I make sure the content is as good as it gets for the players, and that the player experience is the best on all our different platforms without any issue on it! 

As a favourite king game I’d say: Pepper Panic! 


What was your role in the creation of Diamond Digger Saga?

I was in charge of the quality of the game and its features. Assisting the development team on the best QA practices.


How would you describe the game in 1-3 sentences?

Diamond Digger is different from other King games because it has the original element of digging and looking for new diamonds while guiding the water from one room into another one. It’s complex because there are many blockers, but it’s challenging at the same time; there’s some strategy involved on each level as well. 


Do you have any favorite characters? 

Diggy! He’s iconic! Endearing and so lovely, here at King we’re really fond of him!!


What does the game mean to you?

Along with Scrubby Dubby, this is the game that has helped me grow the most as a QA at King. It holds a very high place in the list of games which have had a great impact on me. 

The team has always been excellent, the work environment was always fantastic. We even have a statue of Diggy in the Studio! 

In fact, the picture you can see here is the one I use at work when we organize the tasks for everyone in the team- even if I’m not working on Diamond Digger right now, Diggy is always on my side!!


Do you have any personal memories you can share with our players?

I can tell you some nice anecdotes about our work on Diamond Digger! 

For instance, we have a tradition: whenever we release new levels in the game, we strike a gong and everybody in the office starts clapping. Sometimes we don’t tell the rest and the developers who sit next to the gong...well, they nearly have a heart attack!

Another nice anecdote: some time ago, a tester reported that the colors in Diggy’s rainbow did not follow the correct order; but we decided not to change that because...in Diggy’s world, even physics works differently! 


Why would you recommend playing Diamond Digger Saga?

Because it’s different, because it’s very visual- lots of wonderful colors!-, because you need to use some strategy and because I can assure you our Level Designers create every new level so it’s both challenging and fun!

If you get stuck in a level, keep trying! There are always new challenges waiting for you in Diggy’s world !!


Thanks, Eloy, for this amazing interview and for your work on beloved King games...including our Game of the Month!!

And you? Do you want to say "hi!" to @eloyKING ? Comment below !!🤗

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