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  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 23,348 Sweet Legend
    always something new


    Hello and thank you for your detailed contribution.

    I take it very seriously and like to pass it on. Just want to mention that I already have influence here and some of what I was doing here was also implemented. Much is read by the CMs and managers. They don't answer and discuss everything in the team. Nevertheless, they keep an eye on these posts. Such contributions are better than ideas. This can destroy ideas. I just want to communicate. That I do everything here voluntarily and I'm not paid for it. I do everything out of love and have a lot of fun helping everyone. I am also a player who also needs help.

    I hope this helps!!

    @Lola_Pop & @LadyRaffie

  • jjac272903
    jjac272903 Posts: 1,083 Level 3

    @Spinnifix thank you for your response and I'll take you at your word. Its much appreciated. 🙂

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