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Member of the Month- July 2020: Freddy_Falkner

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 4,698 Community Manager
edited July 31 in Member of the Month

For the month of July, our Community Managers and Superstars have decided the Member of the Month is...


✨👏👏👏 Congratulations!! 🏆🥇👏👏👏

Our Freddy_Falkner has become a valuable and lovable member of our Community, always lending a hand to every player who needs it, in his kind and friendly way.

You deserve the Member of the Month badge, a permanent entry in the Community Hall of Fame and awarded you with 200 Gold Bars to your favorite game.

🎤 Would you like to know more about our brand new Member of the Month? Let's pass the mic to him!

💫Which of King's games are you currently playing and what do you like about them? Which one is your fav?

I am currently playing three king games, Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda and Pet Rescue Saga. my favorite game at present is Candy crush Saga the original and still the best.

Also played Alphabetty Sage but cleared all levels with 3 stars / cheeses; this was the game that got me hooked on King games.

💫What's your best memory with King games? And on the Community?

Best memory with king games was finally getting the 3 stars on the last one I had left to collect on Alphabetty Saga! It took many attempts but was worth every minute. In the Community, my best memory was the greetings I got from some of the community members when I started to play the word and numbers game, made you feel welcome and first time i realized it was a community

💫Do you have any expectations from the Community?

I do not have any expectations from the community, other than I am glad we are all there to help people with King games problems and to make friends that you would never normally meet in your life.

💫What do you like the most about our Community?

Like most about the community is the people, from CM's to superstars to general members. They are all lovely and friendly and always willing to help. What more could you ask for in a community!

💫If you could change anything about King (games, community, etc), what would it be?

Lol quite easy for me this one , I would love to bring Alphabetty Saga back, it took a break once and returned and would love some day for that to happen again. The community I think is perfect the way it is but maybe change the ease to navigate the community for the newcomers. Think sometimes we lose a lot of members due to how hard it can be when your new to the site.

💫How did you find about the Community?

I found the community when I had a problem with a game and searched online. First time I came here I struggled to navigate so got my answer and left. Second time took a little more time to try to get around and started to participate and then started making friends. Then I studied the Superstars and game experts hoping to get myself to 5000 points and get some gold bars for my game and things just moved on from there. Now I just love helping people with the games I love. What better way to get to know people around the world and from places you may never go to!

💫Anything else you'd like to share?

I would like to thank the Community managers and Superstars for selecting me for member of the month, really appreciated and also a massive thank you to all the game experts who have helped me along the way and the people I have meet in the community . It's really you that makes this place an awesome community!

Thank you for this amazing interview, @Freddy_Falkner ! And now, get ready for a wave of love coming your way! 👇️

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