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Blossom Blast players, which is your favorite booster?

debrichmonddebrichmond Posts: 5,621 Blossom Blast Moderator

Do you have a favorite booster?

The shovel can be used to remove flowers or weeds or break ice.

The watering can can make a bud grow bigger along with the surrounding buds.

The color pallet can be used to change the color of a bud to make your chain of flowers longer.

Blossom Blast players, which is your favorite booster? 21 votes

firebombmarkusSpinnifix[Deleted User][Deleted User]debrichmondDieOmimime6412rajdeeptbAnahita_2005ChrisMillerMr_PeelyBubbleGumSoda 12 votes
Watering Can
siti_payungteresawallace44crabappleGreymane 4 votes
Painting Pallet
johamiltonSabrinaMDiamond LimlemcblFluzzard 5 votes


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