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❤️💕💖 Win Gold Bars with the 2021 Valentine Community Wide Contests (finished)



  • SabrinaM
    SabrinaM Posts: 2,500 Level 5

    These are all my answers⤵️

    White Chocolate

    Creamy Caramel

    Raspberry Marmalade

    French Nougat

    Hazelnut Crunch

    Orange Truffle


  • Bookster
    Bookster Posts: 358 Level 3

    Okay I will try using the spoiler option again, wish me luck

    Candy Crush: white chocolate

    Candy Crush Soda Saga: creamy caramel 

    Candy Crush Jelly Saga: raspberry marmalade 

    Candy Crush Friends Saga: French nougat 

    Farm Friends Saga: hazelnut crunch 

    Pet Rescue Saga: orange truffle 

    Bubble Witch Saga: marzipan 

    And my favorite: milk chocolate

  • Bookster
    Bookster Posts: 358 Level 3

    The spoiler worked this time! The first time I tried to answer I had my guesses in a numbered list. I wonder if that was why the spoiler option didn’t work? 🤔

  • carodilo
    carodilo Posts: 123 Level 3

    I love these contests!!!!!

    My favourite is White Chocolate (all the chocolates 😍) Here are my answers of the seven candies

    •Candy Crush Saga – Tiffi: White Chocolate

    •CCSS - Kimmy: Creamy Caramel

    •CCJS - Jelly Queen: Raspberry Marmalade (do not play)

    •CCF - Yeti: French Nougat (do not play)

    •FHS  - Choo Choo: Hazelnut Crunch (do not play)

    •PRS - Panda Bear: Orange Truffle (do not play)

    •BW3 – Stella: Marzipan (do not play)

    Happy Valentine's Day! Everyone!💖

  • Angel1207
    Angel1207 Posts: 294 Level 4

    My favorite candy is a toss up between 3 different candies 1) Milky Way candy bar, 2) a fresh Butterfinger candy bar ( it has to be fresh so it just melts in your mouth) and finally the third is Peanut M&M.

    Here is my answer to the 7 candy game:

    1) Pet Rescue---Orange Truffle

    2) Farm Heroes---Hazelnut Crunch

    3)   Bubble Witch 3----Marzipan

    4)   Candy Crush----White Chocolate

    5)   Candy Crush Soda---Creamy Caramel

    6)   Candy Crush Friends---French Nougat

    7)   Candy Crush Jelly---Raspberry Marmalade

  • BubbleGumSoda
    BubbleGumSoda Posts: 4,891 Level 5

    1 White Chocolate

    2 Creamy Caramel

    3 French Nougat

    4 Raspberry Marmalade

    5 Hazelnut Crunch

    6 Marzipan

    7 Orange Truffle

  • La Ley
    La Ley Posts: 2,691 Level 5

    White chocolate, creamy caramel, raspberry marmalade, french nougat, hazelnut crunch, orange truffle, marzipan

  • teresawallace44
    teresawallace44 Posts: 4,436 Level 5

    Hi @bearwithme again.

    Ok here’s all the candies I unscrambled in all 7 games...

    Candy Crush Saga - White Chocolate

    Candy Crush Soda - Creamy Caramel

    Candy Crush Jelly - Raspberry Marmalade

    Candy Crush Friends - French Nougat

    Farm Heros - Hazelnut Crunch

    Pet Rescue - Orange Truffle

    Bubble Witch - Marzipan

    My favorite candy is Trolli Gummy Worms. They are sweet and sour. Yummm! 👍🤗

    Thanks for a awesome contest. 💕❤️💕

    Thanks for tagging me @Diamond Lim 💕

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

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