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Attention Logic Puzzle Lovers - Who wants to Crack the Code?

bearwithme Posts: 16,156 Candy Moderator

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“@PrettyBubbles look at what I just found!” says @bearwithme. “It looks like an awesome Logic Puzzle where you need to Crack the Code. I love these kinds of puzzles but I’m not sure that I can do this alone so can you please help me?” 

The two girls are working hard trying to find the correct code so they decide to see if any players here can help.

You need to find the correct 3 digit code by using the clues provided in the image above. Who out there is a master Code Breaker who can use the clues to help solve the mystery and list the three missing numbers in the correct order?

Community members, who is ready to take on this challenge?

Good Luck and have fun!😊



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